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Next Steps - Part 1 - Non-Stop Steps
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Bottom Line: Every step I take leads to another next step.
1. New birth is the first step.
2. Growing obedience is the proof and result of new birth.
3. My growth is my responsibility.
4. There is always another step to take.
5. Next steps are revealed and powered by God not me.

When have you experienced every step that you take leads to another next step? Share the first few steps of that experience and how each one led to another next step. Maybe it was in your career, owning a home, building something, or starting a hobby.

Did knowing there would always be another step ever frustrate you? Why or why not? How did you end up simply accepting that is what's best and how you grow and improve to get where you really want to be?

Read Philippians 2:5-11. What are the (at least) four steps that you see in this retelling of the Gospel? What would have happened or what would happen if the Gospel stopped after the first step? After the second? And after the third?

The word "obey" or "obedience" that you read in this passage really means "doing something with what you know" or "taking in knowledge about something and then acting on what you know." How is this different than simply following rules to not get in trouble or make someone else happy? What are some examples you can think of that illustrate this difference?

When have you experienced a "new knowledge" as God worked in you and then you obeyed - you acted on what you now knew or understood? What step did you take? How did it lead to another next step? Was it easy or hard?

In your experience, what are ways God has revealed next steps for you? Compare that when have you thought you knew what the next step was because it just seemed to make sense to you, but it wasn't God working in you. How do you now know the difference?

Since new birth is the first step, share your story of how you took that first step. How did God work in you to give you the knowledge of Him that you needed, and how did it lead you to take action? What did you do? What was the next step for you that it led to?

What do you sense the Holy Spirit is telling you is your next step now? What do you sense God is working in you? What are you learning or experiencing in Him that is giving you something to act on? What will you do about it?

What do we sense is the next step for our micro church? What does it seem God is doing among us and how is He working in us collectively? What is our next step to take together?

How can we hold each other accountable to take the next steps as individuals that we each shared, and how can we hold each other accountable to take a next step together as a micro church?

Pray for each other by name and the next step that each person shared. Also pray for the micro church as a group to keep taking next steps to be on mission together as we take the steps God leads us to.

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