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Isaiah 47:1-15
“When Worlds Collapse”

1. Tragic Consequences …the price America is paying for rejection God… by Oliver L. North
He has 15 chapter titles that list the decline in American society.
2. Why does a nation or why do people collapse?
3. Isaiah 47:1-15 Babylon is going to collapse:

Why does a nation or why do people collapse?
There are several realities in collapse: God speaks in every verse but v. 4.
A. Down 1a
Come down and sit in dust…virgin daughter of Babylon
1.She once had purity and integrity. America was founded on Judeo/Christian ethics. Down is always the direction of collapse. It implies a previously elevated state.
2.The media at one time reported the news and not made the news. Now crisis at the border…voter fraud…investigating our leaders. What about our own lives?? At one time what you saw is what you got. Now there is lying, deception, faking your personal life and your walk with God.
3.A country or individual can fly pretty high.
B. Degraded 1b
Sit on the ground, there is no throne.
1.Babylon once sat on the throne. She once ruled the known world. She was the envy of the world. No More! Collapse!
2.America is heading in that direction, if she has not already arrived. You had it all together…socially, economically, spiritually…THEN!!
C. Disgraced 1c-3a
1. It is a picture of one being taken into captivity.
2. She lost her freedom. The Medes/Persians are calling the shots. For humiliation the
captives were taken naked or nearly so.
3.As the collapse takes place in a nation, the people lose their freedom. Satan not only wants to steal your joy, but you will lose your freedom.
D. Decreed 3b
1. I will…God has decreed their collapse. Tragic Consequences: America’s Biggest
Problem Actions have consequences, and the consequences America is suffering for
systematically rejecting God are tragic.
2. I will not meet thee as a man. Men would meet for a truce. The Lord will not agree
to the terms of the truce. God permitted them to rise. God is behind their
3. You cannot leave God out and not suffer!
E. Decried 5
1. Sit thou silent You will no longer be called, The lady of kingdoms.
2. God is speaking! God says, “Be Quiet”! Talk, Talk, Talk…Congress…Washington
The cameras are on. No one is listening to the people.
3. Be Quiet! Listen! No one is listening to God! No one is listening to each other.

Why does a nation or why do people collapse?
At the core of collapse is pride! God describes what actually causes a people or culture to
collapse. I AM, and none else beside Me. v. 8, 10
A. Our Talk 6-9 The Way People Think
1. He describes the way they saw the defeat of Israel. What did cause this victory? The
military…Horses…Brilliant Strategy…Powerful King vss. 6, 7
2. It was actually God giving them the power and ability. They thought it was them.
They were as invincible as God!
3. So it is with Washington…Wall Street…You and me. It’s our planning. Our
brilliance. Our hard work.
4.God is quoting what they are saying in their hearts. v. 8 It sounds like (45:5ff, 6,15, 18, 21; 46:9) describing God. They had self-determining power. They were gods in their own minds! In business it is called the Peter Principle…where a person reaches beyond their gifts and abilities and ends up in a position that they are incapable of fulfilling. Pride is what destroys a person or a people. The only real solution is to see God as God!
5.John Piper in Battling Unbelief: Humility can only survive in the presence of God. When God goes, humility goes. In fact, you might say that humility follows God like a shadow.
B. Our Treasures 10,11 The Values People Have
Selfish and Self-Centered 10
The pride of Babylon led them into wickedness.
1. Her Self-deception They had life without restraint.
2. Her Self-sufficiency They had wisdom, knowledge and learning that led them in
the wrong direction. ‘Science’ Evolution, Humanism, Relativism…We are seeing
the end results of our philosophies without God.
3.Her Self-deification She took the place of God! Babylon’s pride led them into wickedness, but it led them to feel secure in wickedness…There is not God who sees. Your wisdom and knowledge has perverted thee. ‘Science’ ‘professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.’ Our Educational System…woke…CRT …Gender Identification is destroying our young people!
C. Our Trust 12,13 The Things People Trust
1. Our Gods 12 Can your gods save you from the things that shall come upon
2. Our Guides 13 Can your guides (those we follow) save us? You are wearied
with many counsels. E.J. Young: The counsels are probably all the plans and
devices of Babylon for the management of her government and her self-defense. I
am sure there were discussions of how to keep the economy growing…country
security…they thought the stars could help! God is not condemning good planning.
In what do we trust? In what are we trusting? When the chips are down will they
come through?

Why does a nation or why do people collapse?
A. Cannot Save 14,15
1. Can They Stand the Test? 14 Fire will burn them up…Their heat will not be
positive (warm)
2. Will They Be There in the End? 15 Merchants…people who made money.
They have been their from your youth. NONE SHALL SAVE YOU!
B. Can Save 4
This is the only verse not spoken by God. Our Redeemer…the Lord of host.

Jesus is the only answer, the only One who can save a nation or a person!

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