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Isaiah 46:1-13
Are You Carrying It or Is He Carrying You?

1. Are you an idol worshiper? Has something taken the place of Jesus Christ?
2. Isaiah 46, Isaiah saw the danger in Babylon surrounded by idols, so he contrasts the true God
with idols (anything that takes the place of Jesus).

Are you an idol worshiper? Has something taken the place of Jesus Christ?
I. DO YOU CARRY IT? 46:1,2; 5-8
Babylon carries her idols. 3 Characteristics:
A. Fatigue 1,2
1. They are carrying their idols in fulfillment of (45:16).
2. The idols were upon the beasts and upon weary beasts. They stoop…they bow down
They could not deliver the burden. They became the burden, and they were carried
into captivity.
3. It is suggested that the idols were being evacuated in view of the imminent danger
by Cyrus.
4. Two prominent deities are mentioned in Babylon in the midst of mirid of gods.
People were named after these gods Bel and Nebo. Bel: Belteshazzar (Daniel)
Belshazzar Nebo: Nebuchadnezzar. These were lifeless images with no power.
5. Has something taken the place of Jesus Christ? Whatever it is promises so much. It
cannot deliver what it promises. You will lose your freedom. You will carry it. You
will get tired. IT CANNOT CARRY YOU!
B. Frail 5-7a
To whom will you liken Me…make Me equal…compare Me? There is no comparison.
There is no equal. The question looks back to vss 1-4 (Romans 1:21-23)
1.The Financing of Idolatry 6 They turn gold and silver into a god! Something of value becomes a god! People still do this! (I Tim 6:9, 10) (I Tim 6:17) God’s people today may not worship images of gold and silver. They may worship: careers…professions…finances…hobbies…prestige all can easily displace the ‘true God’. They won’t have lasting value or bring satisfaction for long.
2.The Folly of Idolatry 7a They bear it. They carry it. They set it in place. It can’t move. It’s all about us and what pleases us. We put hours into it. We give our all. For What? IT CAN’T MOVE!
C. Faulty 7b-8
1. Name that which takes the place of Jesus Christ. 7b Tragedy strikes…reversal hits:
“Cry out unto it!” IT CANNOT ANSWER. You start to drown: “Save me!” It
cannot save him out of trouble! On judgement day…IT CANNOT SAVE!
2.Remember this: those who have allowed something to take the place of Christ. Show yourselves men…logic will show the foolishness of idols. Be assured…play the man…Be strong. Bring it again to mind you transgressors. It is easy to forget. It is easy to fall.

Are you an idol worshiper? Has something taken the place of Jesus Christ?
II. DOES HE CARRY YOU? 46:3,4; 9-13
He is speaking to Israel, but it applies to us.
A. His Grace 3,4
1. I Have Carried You 3 You carry your idol…God carries you! Carried from
birth…carried from the womb.
2.I Will Carry You 4 When your hair is gray…I have done it. (NASV) I have made…I will carry…I will deliver you. We are covered from birth to the grave. YOUR IDOL CAN’T SAY THAT!
B. His Greatness 9-13
1. His Omnipotence 9
a. Remember the former things of old: Creation…God had shaped the history
of His people…the rise of Israel from nothing. Remember…Remind Me Dear
Lord: Roll back the curtain of memory now and then show me where you
brought me from and where I might have been.
b. Revelation All that we know about God must be revealed. Two names of
God are given: El which means Strong…the First…The Mighty One…THE
FIRST CAUSE OF EVERYTHING! Elohim is a plurality yet a singular in
meaning. To Adore…To Worship. He alone is to be worshiped and adored!!
2. His Omniscience 10-13 Only this God knows the future.
a. He Counsels 10,11 Declaring the end from the beginning. He can predict
the future, for the future is the unfolding of what He Himself has determined. It
is His plan which is not yet revealed. The Counsel originates with Him. The
counsel will stand and not be changed, for He Himself has decreed it. Verse 11
is a picture of Cyrus. The East is a far country. This was given 170 years prior
to its fulfillment. Isaiah calls Cyrus by name (Is. 44:28; 45:1).
b. He Calls 12,13 Hearken unto Me you stout hearted…that are far from
where you should be…He calls you! He knows the end from the beginning. 13
He is looking ahead when all of Israel will be saved. Then all will be right! He
brings it. Isaiah preaches the Gospel: Man’s stout unyielding heart, a heart
that resists God. God takes the initiative in providing salvation: I bring near My
righteousness…I will place salvation in Zion. Wonderful Grace. He places it
within reach of sinful man. I bring near. Salvation involves justification (to
declare righteous…declared right) My righteousness. All the glory goes to

Has something taken the place of Jesus Christ?

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