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Titus | The Blueprint for Christ's Church - Part 2: The Blueprint from Doctrine to Life
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Big Idea:
Blameless doctrine produces blameless character which produces a blameless life.
1. We are called to be blameless in DOCTRINE - Titus 1:9
ii. The "solas" of the Protestant Reformation
iii. First-level, second-level, and third-level doctrines
2. We are called to be blameless in CHARACTER - Titus 1:7-8
b. Believing in some aspect of God's character and promises is the root behind every good character trait and overcoming every bad one.
3. We are called to be blameless in LIFE - Titus 1:6
a. You can see most clearly what a person really believes by how their character gets expressed in their closest relationships.
"Next Steps" Takeaways
With God:
- Identify the items listed in Titus 1:6-9 where you are not blameless. Confess these to God, receive His forgiveness, and ask for His help to identify doctrines you are not believing that are causing it.
- Strive toward daily prayer and personal study of God’s word to know Him better, trust Him more, and obey Him more fully.
"Next Steps" Takeaways
With Others:
- Identify one of the negative character traits from Titus 1:7 that you have expressed toward someone. Apologize to them and pursue their forgiveness.
- Identify an aspect of your relationship with someone at home that you want to improve. Seek out a truth or a promise from God to believe that will help produce this change.
"Next Steps" Takeaways
On Mission:
- Titus 1:8 says to be “hospitable.” Who is an unbeliever that you can spend some time with to help them experience the goodness of God through you?
- Titus 1:7 says not to be “greedy for money.” The opposite of this is to be “generous and ready to share” (1 Tim. 6:18). What is one way that you can be generous in spreading the love of Jesus?