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What's Your Problem: You're Not Alone
Discussion Guide: Week 4
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  • The Summit Church
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Through this series, we have discussed how to perceive our problems and we've learned how to pray for them and through them. But what if it’s not your problem? What if it's other people’s problems?
When we make the choice to deal with other people's problems the "Jesus way", something significant happens. Read what Paul wrote in Gal 6:2. What does it mean to "carry”?
While we do have a personal and private relationship with Jesus, we are also called into a public mission of ministry. Are there people in your life that you see stepping in and helping carry the burdens of others? How have you noticed them doing this?
Read Philippians 2:4. This sounds simple but in reality, why is this so challenging for us?
It's important to remember that you can't save the world. That is not what Jesus is asking of us. After all, He has already done that! Reflect on the tips that Gina shared with us to help put this into action.
- Not everybody, but somebody- who has He put in front of you?
- Not to solve, but to shoulder- (you can't own other people's problems) Ask "where do I need to step in and where do I need to back off?"
- Not just sentiments, but seeking God- what is the promise I need to lean into?
Prayer brings a Heavenly perspective to earthly problems. Do you find that you say "I'll pray for you" often? The sentiment is great, but how often do we actually follow through with this? Now, imagine what it would look like if we went to God in prayer every time we said that phrase.
Being present means making space for others. It means allowing them to feel what they are feeling in the moment and sharing the comfort we have received through our own struggles to help them through theirs. Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-9. Who is our "comforter"? How does this scripture keep pointing our focus back to God?
To provide means we are using our gifts and experiences to lighten the load of others. Read Proverbs 11:25. How are you strengthening the body of Christ by carrying the burden of others? Pray that God can help reveal areas of your life where you can step in and help carry burdens.