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Not Silenced by Storms, Shipwrecks, or Snakes - Acts 28

Not Silenced by Storms, Shipwrecks, or Snakes - Acts 28

Not Silenced by Storms, Shipwrecks, or Snakes - Acts 28

Locations & Times

StonePoint Church

215 Advantage Dr, Cumming, GA 30040, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Do you ever feel like that? Like the hits just keep on coming? You keep trying to move forward and do what God has told you to do and it’s one trial and fire after another and just when you escape another storm, the enemy sends a snake to bite you.

When the devil is constantly coming after you, shake him off into the fire and keep moving forward!

The reason the enemy is attacking you is because he knows you are about to do great things for God, and he wants you to give up.

Don’t give up. Keep your eyes and faith focused on Christ and trust that He will protect you and provide a way for you even when it looks impossible.

We cannot base our relationship with God or how He feels about us based on how others feel about us or treat us.

We must trust in God and what He has shown us in His Word and through His Spirit and His people.

The Old Testament is also God’s Word, and it points to God’s plan to save the world through His Son Jesus!

If you find yourself in what appears to be a negative or unpleasant situation, look for ways to redeem the circumstances.

Like Paul, don’t despair, but use your situation as an opportunity to do what you can where you are to glorify and serve God wherever you are.

We are called to take the same message of the Gospel to our world so that many more may hear and believe.

God demonstrated through Paul, His message of salvation through Jesus is unstoppable. Are you willing to be part of God’s plan to share His unstoppable message?

Jesus has overcome the world and will one day return as King of kings!

Have you put your faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior?

He is coming soon so don’t put off giving your life to Him. Tomorrow may be too late!

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