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The Ultimate Example of Suffering
1 Peter 2:22-25
Pastor Jerry Koller
Review from last week:
· Suffering is a part of our calling.
· Christ suffered for you,
· He left you an example,
· Follow in his steps.
He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.” (vs. 22)
· This is a loose quote from a portion of Isaiah 53:9
· The portion of Isaiah 53:9 that Peter refers to says this: ...though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth.
The first part of the verse talks about how the Messiah will be assigned a grave with the wicked. Jesus’ arrest, trial, and death was like what most criminals and enemies of the state would have endured. However, as the prophecy points out, Jesus was not like any criminal. He did not do any violence nor was there any deceit in His mouth.
This is another allusion to the prophecy found in Isaiah 53.
Twice in this verse, it is mentioned how in the midst of oppression and affliction, Messiah did not open His mouth. In other words, He did not retaliate.
Jesus did not retaliate in any way. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly. In other words, He placed everything, including Himself, His very life, in His Father’s hands.
The verb bore means to carry something through its sequence to reach its needed consummation or completion.
Jesus made this possible, for by his wounds you have been healed. (vs. 24)
· The word wounds/stripes mean a wound, a welt, or a wound that trickles with blood. It is a reference to the marks of the suffering that Jesus endured—including His death.
· This is not a proof text that Jesus’ death brings about our physical healing.
· Nowhere in this context, is physical needs address.
· The focus is on what Jesus accomplished as far as salvation is concerned.
· He healed us from our terminal spiritual disease for the wages of sin is death
· Iniquities is a reference to sin, not disease or sickness.
Physical healing is not addressed in this passage.
· Salvation is what is being addressed.
Once we were lost, but now we are found.
· Are you following in His footsteps?
· How are you handling unjust suffering?
· How do you respond to insults and other forms of persecution?
· Are you quick to retaliate?
· Do you return abuse to your abusers?
· Do you make threats?
· Do you seek vengeance?
· Or do you entrust yourselves to your Heavenly Father—like Jesus did.
· Will you follow in His footsteps?
We extend our deepest condolences to Tom Craig and his family upon the passing of his wife, Darlene Craig, on 1/10.

Meals Needed

Meals for Marge Benham would be appreciated as she fell and fractured both ankles. If you're able to help, please sign up at
Next Week’s Servants (1/22)
· Café Bakers: · Patty Bales (casserole) | Tracy Marshall (donuts)
· Café Attendant: Marge Dumbaugh
· Nursery: Patty Bales, Allie Wilson
NEW Class Starting Soon
Wednesdays | 7:00-8:00 PM | Conference Room beginning 1/25/2023
Beginning January 25, we will be introducing a new class entitled Reason.
Reason has to do with thinking logically. It requires us to use our mind. It requires knowledge. In the book of Isaiah, we read: “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. (Isaiah 1:18)
Living our faith is not an exercise of mindlessness. God gave us a mind. He gave us the ability to think and reason. In this class, we will learn to use our minds more fully in regard to how we can understand our culture and live out our faith.
We will be using the book The God Question (Revised Edition), by J.P. Moreland. This book will need to be purchased by all participants as there will be required weekly reading from it. Please make sure you purchase the revised edition.
Pastor Jerry will be the facilitator. Each class will run for one hour (7:00 – 8:00 PM). Sign up online or at the Welcome Center. Other than purchasing the book, there will not be a cost involved in taking the class.
Aftermath Schedule
· Aftermath will not meet today (1/15) due to the Annual Meeting and Potluck.
· It will then resume on 1/22.
Youth Group Resumes Today
Join us from 1:30-3:30pm today (time has been adjusted because of the Annual Meeting & Potluck). Next week, we’ll meet at our normal time of 1:00-3:00pm.
Annual Meeting: 1/15/2023
Our Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 15, immediately following the morning worship service. 2023 budget information and proposed by-laws changes have been emailed to all members. Pastor Jerry is putting together an Annual Report that will cover all ministries which will be emailed in January. We will vote on the following:
1. Approval of the 2023 budget.
2. Affirmation of the 2023 Elder Ministry Team: Jason Avery, Patty Bales, Brian Bocock, Janette Hendrix, and Rob Zantello.
3. Approval of changes made to outdated by-laws procedures.
For questions or more information, please contact the church office.
After the meeting, everyone is invited to join us for a potluck lunch in Freeman Hall Gym. Please bring a dish and a dessert to share that will feed at least 10-12 people. Beverages will be provided.

Blood Drive: 1/26/2023

Donate blood - save a life! Blood provider for Michigan patients. Giving warms the heart! Donate and keep warm this winter with a limited edition Versit beanie, while supplies last.
Childcare Help Needed
If you are able to provide childcare in the FBC Nursery during the Wednesday morning Bible study from 9:30-11:30am, please contact Tina Wilburn or Kim Collins.
Mission Cafe
Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

The Mission Café is a great place to have a breakfast treat and coffee, enjoy lively conversation and have fun while helping support missions at First Baptist. All items are store bought and served safely. Featuring:
¨ Donuts
¨ Bagels
¨ English Muffins
¨ Snacks
¨ Hot & Cold Beverages
¨ And more!
For your convenience, we accept cash, check and debit/credit cards!

Online Giving is Available!

If you would like to support our ministries by giving an online donation via debit/credit card or your bank account, you can do so by using this link:


You can download the app by clicking the link below from your cell phone or tablet. By using the app, you can conveniently view recorded Sunday worship services; look up addresses and phone numbers for other church members; update your personal information; register for events; tithe online; send prayer requests; and more.  We're excited to bring another avenue of communication to you!  If you have any questions or issues, please contact Kim.
On the Calendar
mission café
Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

children’s sunday school
Sundays | 9:15-10:15am | Classroom 3
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· Contact Bailey Rooker for questions or more information.

Sundays | 10:30am | Sanctuary
· If you're unable to join us in-person, you can watch live on Facebook or view later in the week on Facebook or YouTube or listen to an audio only version on Archive.

children’s worship
Sundays | 10:30am | Children’s Worship Room
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· Contact Alyssa Newell for questions or more information.

Sundays | after worship | Upstairs
· Join us for lunch and a discussion about the worship message.
· No gathering on 1/15
· Contact Pastor Jerry for questions or more information.

youth group
Sundays | 1:00-3:00pm | FBC upstairs
· Middle & High School students
· Contact Allie Wilson for questions or more information.

men’s bible study
Tuesdays | 7:00-8:30pm | Mission Café
· Contact Paul Fitton or Larry Dobberstein for questions or more information.

bible study
Wednesdays | 9:30-11:30am | Classroom 3
· Contact Tina Wilburn for questions or more information.

reason class: starts 1/25
Wednesdays | 7:00-8:00pm | Conference Room
· Contact Pastor Jerry for questions or more information.

church office open
Wednesdays | 11:00am-4:00pm

women’s craft group
Thursdays | 6:30pm | Classroom 2
· Contact Tracy Marshall for questions or more information.

coming soon
Annual Meeting & Potluck: Sunday, 1/15 | after worship
· Tom Craig & Family upon the death of his wife, Darlene, on 1/10.
· Marge Benham is recovering from a fall that fractured both of her ankles.
· Roberta Newton is recovering at home following a procedure to repair a leaking blood vessel. Cards can be sent to Roberta Newton, P.O. Box 51, Palmadale FL 33944.
· Curt & Patty Bales and their family upon the loss of Curt’s mom, Norma Bales, on 12/21.
· Caroline Bocock received a really bad concussion on 11/5 while playing soccer. Doctors are concerned because she is still vomiting, dizzy, and having constant headaches. She has to see a Sports Medicine doctor before they will schedule a neurological appointment. Please pray that this appointment will be scheduled quickly and continue to pray for healing, wisdom for the doctors, and that the Lyme’s Disease hasn’t been triggered. Old symptoms are surfacing but can’t determine if they are concussion symptoms vs. Lyme’s symptoms because they are the same symptoms for both.
· Walter Hatfield is recovering from hernia surgery.
· Annette Koller is recovering from knee replacement surgery.
· Keith Buckley is recovering from injuries due to a fall off a ladder.
· Nolan Marshall (son of Dan & Tracy) got diagnosis results earlier than expected. He is in the process of having his current medications reduced. Dan & Tracy are trying to find a new psychiatrist and working with Nolan’s school to find a safe plan to keep him in the classroom while changes are in process and doctors are evaluating his needs and medicinal changes.
· Shannon French (son of Curt & Patty Bales) continues eye drop treatment for an infection. It looks the damaged part is creating new cells and hopefully healing.
· Joyce Bocock finished radiation on the large tumor in her spine. She is handling the medication for the endocrine therapy well.
· Pete Danapilis is recovering from a successful back surgery.
· Linda Newell is recovering from surgery to have a rotator cuff repaired.
· Vincent Bryant (Miriam Bryant’s son) is recovering from a broken ankle.
· Check out our monthly prayer card on-line at under “Weekly Bulletins” for a list of those with on-going needs.
First Baptist Church
1635 76th Street
South Haven, MI 49090