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Isaiah 43:22-44:8
When We Grow Tired Of God

1. Picture a man in the desert. The land is thirsty for water. The stranded pilgrim is exhausted,
parched. His lips are swollen. His tongue is cleaving to the roof of his mouth.
2. That is the word picture we have in v. 22. Weary…the soul of the people of Israel is parched.
They are weary of God!
3. Have you grown tired of God?
4. Isaiah 43:22-44:8 Israel had grown tired of God.

Have you grown tired of God?
They had religion, but no reality. They had at least 6 areas of Failure. Thou hast and Thou
hast not precede the failures:
A. Failure In Supplication 22
Thou hast not called upon Me.
1.Prayer recognizes our dependence upon God. A lack of prayer is the height of pride. We can’t live without Him!!
2.Life becomes exhausting and dry.
B. Failure In Surrender 23a
Thou hast not brought Me the sheep of thy burnt offering.
1.It’s not that they didn’t have sacrifices. Either the sacrifice failed to meet the requirements or they were going through the motions with no genuine devotion.
2.In the Burnt Offering the sacrifice was totally consumed. Absolute Surrender.
3.Is there some area of your life that you call, ‘mine’? You have grown tired of God.
C. Failure In Sacrifice 23b
Neither honored Me with your sacrifices.
1.Sacrifice…what are we willing to give up?
2.Does your Christianity cost you anything? It will never mean anything until it costs you something.
3.If your Christianity costs you nothing…you have grown tired of God.
D. Failure In Sanctification 24a
Thou hast brought Me not sweet cane.
1.Sweet cane was an ingredient used in anointing oil. The one anointed was set apart for special service.
2.Sanctify is to be set apart to God. If you are not set apart to God and for God you have grown tired of God.
E. Failure In Surplus 24b
Neither filled Me with the fat of thy sacrifices.
1.Fat was the best one could give.
2.You no longer give God your best. You go through the motions, but your heart isn’t in it. You have grown tired of God.
F. Failure In Sins 24c
I have not forced you or wearied you. You have wearied Me with your iniquities.
1.They were not taking the Word of God seriously. They were not dealing with sin in their life. They were careless about the things of God.
2.God is tired of your sins. “You weigh Me down with your sins!” You have grown tired of God.

Have you grown tired of God?
II. GOD’S GRACE 43:25-28
It’s All of Grace...flesh and works make us tired of God.
A. Our Cleansing 25
1. We sin…God provides a remedy.
2. Judgment could be expected. God reveals Himself in grace…for His own sake.
3. Only God can remove sin: I will remember your sins no more. In sin, God is the
offended party. He must provide the solution: He sent Jesus!
B. Our Cause 26
Let us argue our case…state your cause that you my be proved right. (NASV)
1.Come up with something in yourself that deserves mercy.
2.We love works. The average person believes that their good will outweigh their bad. God doesn’t want good people…He wants perfect people! We all fall short!
C. Our Case 27
1. Whether Adam or Abraham…for all have sinned. There is none righteous, no, not one.
2. We have nothing to be proud of: I have blotted out your transgressions.
D. Our Condemnation 28
1. Israel was judged because of their sin.
2. This is what we all deserve! We can’t make it without God!

Have you grown tired of God?
Even though we have grown tired of God:
A. His Passion 1,2
1. My servant…I have chosen…I have formed…My servant.
2. Fear not…fear overtakes us when we grow tired of God. (v. 8) Fear not… Jesurun
means, ‘the upright one’ and emphasizes the unchanged purpose of God for His people. It is
a term of endearment.
B. His Power 3,4
1. In the person of the Holy Spirit He moves us from an empty religion to reality!
2. He will pour water on this weary land. It is a picture of the work of the Holy Spirit.
3. “The degree to which we understand and experience the Spirit of God will be the
exact degree to which God’s plan for our churches will be accomplished. If we
downgrade the Holy Spirit…worse yet, if we ignore Him…and even worse than that,
if we grieve or quench Him…we end up with a modern church that is totally devoid
of the power of God.” Jim Cymbala
4. This is the missing ingredient in the weary Christian!!
C. His Pronouncement 5
1. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit people line up to identify with the Lord. I am
the Lords!
2. Notorious sinners become notorious believers…becoming living illustrations of the
power of God.
D. His Preeminence 6
1. I am the first and the last…Beside Me there is no God!!
2. The reason God gives Himself to us is to prove that He is God! There is only one
God and only one way to that God!!
E. His Providence 7
1. God knows the future…things coming (Near)…things that shall come (Far).
2. God is in control.
F. His Peace 8
1. I can REST. Fear not…is there a God beside Me?
2. THERE IS NO GOD…beside Me!!

The answer to a dry soul is a living God!

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