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Dan DeRoche | Various Passages
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This is the only time we see in the Bible where Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them something: “Teach us to pray…” (in Luke 11:1)
Why can prayer be such a struggle:
· We lost the wonder of God.
· We don’t feel like we are good at it.
· We don’t see the benefits.
· We just don’t make it a priority.
Prayer is a personal encounter with God.
Three Types of Prayer:
· Connecting (Contemplative) Prayer – Entering God’s presence through silence and calming your soul
· Intercessory Prayer – Praying for other people or for God to move
· Petition Prayer – Asking God for what we need
A Fresh Start to Re-engage with Prayer:
· Do not evaluate yourself
· Start Small
· Begin praying for your “3”
· Grab a bookmark as a guide and reminder
· Join us at the weekly prayer meetings at Crossview –
Sundays – 8 – 8:30am and Wednesdays – 12 – 12:30pm

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