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January 1, 2023: Esther 1
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Esther 1:1-22: A self-absorbed and reactive king
I) The Self-Absorbed King
A) Party Host: King Xerxes (Ahasuerus)
1) Ahasuerus was king’s Hebrew name. Xerxes is his Greek name.
2) He was a Persian king who ruled over a vast area (486 - 465 BC).
B) The Party’s Purpose: To show off his might to gain support for Greek war.
1) The main party lasted half a ____________.
2) It was followed by a smaller banquet for the people of ___________.
3) It was extravagant and _____________.
II) The Defiant Queen
A) The drunk Xerxes and wanted to show off Queen Vashti’s ____________.
B) Queen Vashti ______________ to come.
III) The Reactive King
A) Xerxes gets _______________.
B) The king’s advisers are _________________ by Vashti’s actions too.
Paul David Tripp: There are only two types of anger, “God-centered anger,” and “me-centered anger.” Angry, because somehow people are in my way; somehow, they haven't followed my sovereign rule; somehow, they're not submitting to the ways of my kingdom, and so I'm angry! Or, anger that really flows out of my love for the honor of God, my love for His wisdom, my willingness to submit to Him.
What causes you to become angry?
C) They sent a decree that Vashti is no longer queen and every man is ruler of his house.
1) We don’t take marriage advice from a drunk pagan.
2) The offense they wanted to keep quiet is broadcast to everyone.
IV) What is the point? Where is God in all of this?
A) At this point, we don’t know what God is doing.
Karen Jobes: The major theological point of the book of Esther is that God fulfills his covenant promises through his providence. . .The great paradox of Esther is that God is omnipotently present even where God is most conspicuously absent.
1) God ____________ the way for Esther to spare his people.
2) This reminds believers that God can use all kinds of things to accomplish his plan.
B) Christians can be grateful we serve, Christ, a ____________ king.
1) Xerxes responded in _____________.
2) Christ responded with ___________.
3) Xerxes wanted people to be in awe of his ______________.
4) Christ willfully gave up his _________________ status.
5) Xerxes ______________ others to maintain power and control.
6) Christ became our ______________ servant.

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