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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 42:10-25
“What Is The Response?”

1. Let’s say you have a God who created everything. He controls all things. He knows the future and tells of a Messiah who is to come.
2. With a God like that, how should we respond? How do we respond?
3. Isaiah 42:10-25 what is the response?

With a God like that, how should we respond? How do we respond?
This should be our response:
A. Recognize His Greatness 10,11
The whole world is moved…ends of the earth…down to the sea…
1.Where? The isles…inland…
2. Who? He is speaking of the inhabitants (the people of the world). God is about people.
3. God creates. God controls. God knows the future.
B. Recognize His Grace 10,11
A new song
1.In the New Testament the new is kainos…fresh, never before and never again.
2.Bruised reeds play…smoking flax about to die out, bursts forth into light! His mercies are new every morning!
3.The world is singing Amazing Grace.
C. Recognize His Glory 12
1. Give glory speak of His worth. Worship is worth-ship. Who He is…What He is…All that He has done!
2.Declare His praise…Let the world know of this great God. Tell someone about Him…Who He is…Why He came!

With a God like that, how should we respond? How do we respond?
He does what we can’t!
A. His Pursuit 13
1. God pursues His goals with the intensity of a soldier.
2. He shall…victory is sure, but not yet!
B. His Pain 14
1. His Patience God is longsuffering, but He will not always strive with man.
2. His Promise Out of the pain of child birth comes new life. Out of the tribulation will
come the reign of Christ in the Millennium.
C. His Plan 15
God takes away every security blanket, and there is nothing left but Him. That is
D. His Provision 16
1. God Is A God of Compassion 16a I will bring the blind…I will lead the blind in
unfamiliar places. He is always expanding us. Life is a life of change! He or she who
is most successful is the one who can adapt change most readily.
2. God Is A God of Change 16b I will make the darkness light for them. He performs
a miracle. I will make the crooked way straight. He takes the negatives of life and
turns them into a positive.
3. God Is A God of Confidence 16c These things I do for them!
4. God Is A God of Companionship 16d I will not forsake them. Wow…What a
God! I want to follow a God like that all the days of my life!!!

With a God like that, how should we respond? How do we respond?
Hang on to your carved things…you man made stuff. You will be ashamed! We are
often like Israel.
A. God’s Observation 19-23
God knows what you really are!
1. Their Condition 19-20 *His Servant Israel not the perfect One of v. 14. *His
Sin Israel is more blind and more deaf than any other. My messenger whom I
send…is a messenger on a mission. Who is blind as he that is at peace with Me.
Israel is blind and so cannot fulfill God’s design for Him.*His Sight 20 Thou…He
is a repetition of thought for emphasis. It wasn’t a matter of information, but one
of application and a willingness to adjust her life. The potential was there! Her
opened ears were insensitive to the voice of God.
2. Their Consequences 21-23 *Their Failure 21 What does clueless Israel fail to
see? What was God’s purpose for them that they never understood? The Lord was
well pleased for His righteousness sake, to magnify His law and make it glorious!
Israel’s life mission was to make God’s law glorious to the world around them.
How? By showing how beautiful to live for God according to His Word. That’s
our mission…through His power, a Christlikeness that people sense and see
the power of God! *Their Frustration 22 What a picture of a backslidden \
Christian. But They were not a living illustration of the power of God. They
robbed…spoiled…snared…hidden in prison. They are a prey and cannot get out.
Restore! Give them back! *Their Fault 23 Who will give ear? Who will listen?
B. God’s Obstinance 24-25
It’s a sad day when God acts against you. He wants to wake us up and restore us.
1. The Result 24a Babylon! The Lord used a wicked nation for His purpose.
2. The Reason 24b Why would God act against us? For they would not walk in His
ways, neither be obedient to His Law. This is also why they are blind and deaf!
3. The Retribution 25 Fury of His anger…fire burnt him...yet he laid it not to heart.
2+2=5 Israel couldn’t connect the dots!

How should you respond?
How have you responded?

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