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Galatians: Chapter 4 - Verses 13-20
Galatians teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone. They are a part of a diverse family and equipped by the Spirit to love God and others. Galatians teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone. They are a part of a diverse family and equipped by the Spirit to love God and others.
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Apparently, Paul was compelled to travel into the region of Galatia because of some type of physical infirmity he suffered while on his first missionary journey.
What exactly was Paul’s physical infirmity?

Some people think that he had epilepsy, depression, or that his condition had something to do with the "thorn in the flesh" stated in 2 Corinthians 12.
Because of his physical limitations, Paul was not a wonderful model of physical strength and might, yet the Galatians still welcomed him and did it with reverence.
They gave Paul such a warm embrace that, if it were possible, they would have removed [their] own eyes and offered them to Paul.
The Galatians would have been tempted to scorn Paul and reject his message since physical weakness and illness were seen by Jews and Gentiles alike as a manifestation of divine anger or punishment.
The Galatians shouldn't assume that Paul has turned against them since he faced them with the truth because of the immense love and honor the Galatians had shown for Paul and the great blessing they received from God when they did so.
King James says, “They zealously affect (court) you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them.”
Meaning that they are making a big deal and doting on the Galatians, in hopes of drawing them away from the true Gospel. (Ref Genesis 3:1-6)
Paul will admit that the legalists zealously court the Galatians; and legalism often comes wrapped in a cloak of “love.” But the end result is for no good.
Christians can employ the same strategy with the main difference being we need to genuinely love the people we attempt to draw into the faith.
Paul appeals: “I love you like a father, please listen to me.”
My little children: Paul rightly considers himself to be a father to the Galatians. Yet this challenge has made him feel as if he must bring them to Jesus all over again (for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you).
Paul knew that his work of forming Christ in them was not complete until they stayed in a place of trusting Jesus.
Through this section, Paul masterfully mixed metaphors to give a powerful picture.

Paul likens himself to a “mother” who gave spiritual “birth” to the Galatians

Something unnatural has happened — the Galatians are drifting away from Jesus and to the law. So Paul has to labor in birth again, and this is unnatural to have labor pains a second time.
I would like to be present with you now and change my tone:

Paul wished two things.
· First, that he could be present with the Galatians.
· But he also wished that he did not need to speak to them in such strong words, that he could change his tone.
· Yet their danger of leaving the true gospel has made such strong words necessary and has made Paul’s doubts necessary to address.
This section, Galatians 4:12-20, shows us principles for the attitude for people in the church toward their pastor.

Their attitude must not be determined by his personal appearance or personality.

Their attitude must not be determined by their own theological whims.

Their attitude should be determined by his loyalty to the apostolic message in the Bible.
This section, Galatians 4:12-20, shows us principles for the attitude for the pastor towards the people in his church.

He must be willing to serve and sacrifice for his people.

He must tell them the truth.

He must love his people deeply; never for a selfish motive.

He must desire to see more than mere excitement, but zeal for good things.

He must desire to form Jesus in them, not himself in them.

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