Through the Storms Pt.2
Through the Storms Pt.2
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  • StonePoint Church
    215 Advantage Dr, Cumming, GA 30040, USA
    星期日 9:00 上午
God will use your experience in the storm you are going through or have gone through to help others if you are willing to let Him use you.

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond
Do not let the enemy win.

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world.

Don’t let Satan rob your Hope, Joy, Peace, or Love. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and He will carry you through the storms of life!
We must make sure that we stay close to the Word of God, listen to the Holy Spirit of God, and follow Jesus daily, so we aren’t enticed by the temptations of Satan that have led so many leaders astray.

Acts 23:11

Aren’t you thankful Jesus speaks to you through the storms of life?

Are you willing to be sensitive to hearing from God, to take a risk for God, and to be bold in your faith to act when God tells you to act, no matter what the consequences might be?

God is looking for people of faith to be bold and trust Him instead of fearing the what ifs of life

At what cost are we truly willing to follow Christ?

Many choose not to follow Jesus for simple discomforts, nowhere close to the storm of losing family members for their faith.

Are you seeking Jesus in the middle of the storm?

Are you willing to continually follow Him even if it means the answers that you want are delayed or God’s direction is not the way you wanted to go?

If you will simply trust Him, Jesus will give you peace no matter what storm you are going through.