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Discovery Fellowship Church

Parousia #2 - The Word of His Power

Parousia #2 - The Word of His Power

Locations & Times

Discovery Fellowship Church

6630 Brittany Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM


pow-er… the ability to act effectively the capacity to produce a desired effect
po-tent… capable of exerting strong influence
might-y… strength to do something
dy-nam-ic… to energize an object into motion; intensity, vigor
pre-vail… to triumph, to succeed
dom-in-ate… to exert a supreme, guiding influence
1. When God sends forth His WORD into the world, it comes from His own council, not ours
A New Point of View

I went a-sailing just the other day
Up in a big, hot air balloon
I thought I'd take some time and get away
Take a lap around the moon
I got to thinkin' 'bout the way we live
And why we do the things we do
And while I watched the world from way up high
I saw it from a Heavenly point of view
I got a new point of view
From way up here I can't tell you who is who
The make or model of the cars
Just tiny houses line the tiny streets
With tiny pools in tiny yards
They take a lot of time and energy
For the amount ofjoy they bring
It seems a shame to go and waste a life
On such tiny, tiny things
We spend our lives pursuing earthly pleasures
Just chasin' dreams that fade away
Let's set our sights on the eternal treasures
Where moth and rust do not decay

I learned a lesson just the other day
Up in a big, hot air balloon
Say, maybe you should try to get away
And spend a thoughtful afternoon

2. When God sends forth His WORD into the world, it is sent to accomplish what He plans, not what we plan
3. When God sends forth His Word into the world, it succeeds in doing exactly what He plans

1. Jesus the Son of God Himself is called “The Word of God”
2. It has always been God’s intention to send His Word into the world 2 specific times

The Mission:
The 1st Coming of “the Word”
- He did come in obscurity
- He did come as a helpless infant
- He did come alone
- He did come born of a virgin woman
-He did come with his glory laid aside
- He did come as a teaching rabbi
- He did come gently, with meekness
- He did come to be tempted & tried
- He did come to offer the Kingdom to Israel
- He did come as the Passover Lamb
- He did come to hang on the criminal’s cross
- He did come to become sin for us
- He came to be mocked & scorned
- He did come to rise from the dead
- He did come to provide the ground for salvation

The 2nd Coming of “the Word”
(Revelation 19:11-16)

- He will come in power
- He will come as a conquering King
- He will come with the Armies of Heaven
- He will come risen as the Lord of Life
- He will come in the glory of His Father
-He will come as the world’s Judge
- He will come to tread the wrath of God
- He will come to defeat Satan & his Anti-Christ
- He will come to save Israel/kingdom
- He will come as the Lion of Judah
- He will come to sit on the Davidic Throne
- He will come as Righteousness & Justice for the world
- He will come to be honored by every bowed knee and every confessing tongue
- He will come to rule over the living
- He will come to grant final salvation
So What?

1. When God speaks to you, listen!
2. Am I prepared for the return of Christ?
3. Is your FAMILY, FRIEND, NEIGHBOR prepared?


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