Following God's Will
Following God's Will
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    Sunday 9:00 AM
God is not the Author of division and chaos…that is Satan himself that wants to isolate and divide us. Don’t fall into that trap.
God doesn’t always lead us away from suffering. Sometimes it is part of His plan for us to reach others or to refine us.

Advice from godly people is essential but it should be weighed out with prayer to God for discernment and with Scripture and shouldn’t override what God has directly told you and confirmed to you.

Are we intentional to seek out other believers wherever we go and welcoming to others when they come to our area?

The gift of prophecy is a God-given gift and is a gift of speaking forth the truth of God and can also include a foretelling of future events but this isn’t always the case.

Are we willing to follow God’s will not matter what?

What if God’s will leads you to places that you don’t want you to go or causes you discomfort? Are you still willing to follow His will?

Some claim they are willing to go wherever God wants them to go and do whatever God wants them to do, no matter what the consequences. However, are we willing to do those things in our own neighborhood, in our workplace, at school, and with family?

God wants us to start following His will be being obedient in the little things day by day where we are.

Are we consistently in His Word?

Are we consistently attending and serving His church?

Do we trust Him with our daily lives in all we do - with our time, our talents, and our treasures?