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Indispensable Change Agents
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
    3828 Leila Pl, Jefferson, LA 70121, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
The Greatest Sermon invites followers of Jesus to live in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus.
The sermon on the mount does not communicate just principles for life - It is a guide towards a way of life for devoted followers of Jesus.
Jesus pronounces His blessings for those who choose to KNOW AND OBEY HIM AND LIVE LIVES GUIDED BY HIS HEART AND CHARACTER with these powerful words ( and they are worth hearing again):
The Greatest Sermon transitions from addressing character traits of blessed followers of Jesus to teaching devoted followers Jesus how to be a great influence wherever they find themselves.
As people made alive by Jesus we are called to be change agents who make the world thrive.
NOTICE the powerful nature of Jesus' words:
YOU ARE the salt of the earth and YOU ARE the light of the world.

Being Salt and Light is about Influence and Impact
SALT - Being tasteful in a distasteful World.
LIGHT - Illuminating the way to the God-ordained life.

We are to be significant and relevant

When we live as people of blessing, we are salt and light—in the workplace, in our homes, and in our nation.

THE CAUTION - Don't lose it and don't hide it.
Followers of Jesus (those who are blessed) Influence and impact the world as indispensable change agents (Salt and Light).