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Beulah Alliance Church

Knowing Jesus > The Easy Route, November 12/13, 2022

Knowing Jesus > The Easy Route, November 12/13, 2022

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Beulah Alliance Church West Campus

17504 98a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5T8, Canada

Saturday 6:30 PM

Sunday 9:15 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Knowing Jesus > the Easy Route
November 12/13, 2022
Tim Doherty
· How are we going to find our way forward, as maturing people?
· ‌Who are you going to listen to? Who will you allow to guide you?
· And what kind of person are you going to become?
MATURING IS NOT A MAYBE: Better than the lies we hear and the easy routes we might prefer, Jesus calls us to engage the process of continual maturing, by the Spirit, in community.

‌What does mature mean?
The process of continual maturing:
· LOOK to Jesus

· LISTEN to God

· ‌LIVE true to what you understand from Jesus so far

· LEARN from those who are also maturing
‌ “Yeah, but ….”
--Lies we hear:
Who will be people who will look to Jesus, and mature in Him?

‌“People talk about how they want to be around like-minded people. I want more than that. I want to be with Jesus-minded people.”

‌Who are you imitating? And what is it about them that you are trying to imitate?

Paul says, “Imitate me, as I also imitate Christ.” (I Corinthians 11:1, CSB) Look to Jesus, listen for his voice, live true to what He has shown you so far, and learn from others who are also looking to Him. Pay attention to His influence speaking through them.

Join in imitating the ones who are imitating Jesus.

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