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Living In The Shadows
This Sunday, Pastor Craig Lydon will be bringing us the final instalment in our Haggai sermon series, from Haggai 2:20-23. Craig says “So much of who we are in our present has been defined by our journey in the past - our parents, our family, our school experience, our sense of place in the world. Obviously this can be both good and bad. What about if we did grow up on the wrong side of town? Or if some of the choices that we made in life sit at our doorstep like an unwelcome guest - things that we wish were different, but continue to define our view of self, moving forward? The good part about our relationship with Jesus is that he gives us a new beginning, a new hope, and a new purpose. We're not left in the penalty box living with regret, disappointment and overwhelmed by our failure, but are told that we're loved, forgiven and given a new start.”
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  • Parkerville Baptist Church
    910 Seaborne St, Parkerville WA 6081, Australia
    Sunday 9:30 AM
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Zerubbabel's great great grandfather, Good King of Judah
Zerubbabel's great grandfather, Evil King of Judah
Zerubbabel's grandfather, Evil King of Judah
Zerubbabel's father

Governor of Judah, leader of the returning Jewish people
2. Reputation
Everyone knew that he came from failed royal stock. Everyone knew the exile occurred on his grandfather's watch.
3. Position
Good leader, or a safe bet for Cyrus
I am over royalty and superpowers
I am more powerful than worldly weapons
I have a future and a plan for you
5. Benefiting from my shadow
▪︎ Makes me more dependent on God
▪︎ Keeps me humble
▪︎ Makes me appreciate God's Mercy and Forgiveness


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