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Faith and Family: Family in Faith
Faith can divide families. How do we hold onto our faith, and help those who struggle with theirs?
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ONE BIG THING: One of the hardest challenges families face is when they are divided over faith. Jesus’ own family struggled to believe in Him! But when we hold on to our faith, our household becomes divided against Satan. And, as Jesus reminds us, a house divided cannot stand. There is hope for your family members who are outside the faith!
Faith is also public. The “you” Jesus uses is plural. “What about you all? Who do you all say that I am.” And this is where the tension exists. My deeply personal beliefs about God are placed into a public context and forced to compete with another person's personal beliefs.
What moves can we make when our family is divided over faith? Is there any way out?
3 things we learn from the life of Martin Luther, the reformer of the Catholic Church.
3. Live-out your faith
Martin Luther’s life didn’t stop with the 95 thesis…he didn’t hole up and translate the bible, just angry constantly about the Catholic Church. No, he had a full life. He married, had children, had deep friendships and lived with a peace that passed the understanding of religious people at that time. He held tightly to scripture, grace, faith, and Christ alone, and he continued to listen and passionately engage with people who disagreed with him.
When our families experience troubles and struggles the best place we can go is to the cross. Jesus heals imperfect families.

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