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Journey Christian Church

God Bless You...

God Bless You...


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3828 Leila Pl, Jefferson, LA 70121, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

The Greatest Sermon invites followers of Jesus to live in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus.

"The Greatest Sermon" provides instructions on how to live the way of Jesus through faithful obedience to the words of Jesus.

Jesus reveals that the blessed, fortunate, happy disciples are faithful and obedient people who identify spiritually as poor, meek, persecuted, peacemakers.

Faith in Jesus plus obedience to his words constitute a life of blessing.

The way of Jesus is radically counter-cultural to the way of the world

"The beginning of the Sermon On The Mount is not a to-do list; it is a good news list. Jesus is describing who had the most gain by the arrival of His kingdom. He is not prescribing what you must do to enter it."
(Skye Jethani)
There were three groups of people that listened to The Greatest Sermon as it was preached by Pastor Jesus:


RELIGIOUS LEADERS (Keepers of the law)

CROWDS (Those who were curious)

Spiritual obedience leads to God's amazing blessings.

We don't learn obedience overnight; it's a lifelong process that we pursue by making it a daily goal.

Spiritual obedience is hearing God's word and diligently living it out accordingly.

Spiritual obedience leads to God's amazing blessings.

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