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Isaiah 40:1-11
“To Breathe Again”

1. Isaiah 40-55 addresses Jews of the Babylonian Captivity. Isaiah prophesied between 740 and
680 B.C. He is writing 120 years before the facts. He is writing to the discouraged,
demoralized Israel. They were living with the consequences of sin. He is writing to those
suffering because others have sinned.
2. Comfort ye…Comfort ye is plural. Vine: To cause to breathe again…the result of reviving.
3. Spiritually, Israel had their breathe taken away. By 586 B.C. Jerusalem was destroyed…their
Temple was destroyed. Many were exiled 600 miles away in Babylon.
3. Have you had your breath taken away? Would you like to breathe again?
4. Isaiah 40:1-11 gives the progression in breathing again:

Have you had your breath taken away? Would you like to breathe again?
To breathe again comfort is desperately needed. They don’t need more judgment or
A. It Is Personal 1
1. My people…your God.
2. Israel was far from home, but God hadn’t disowned them. The consequences of sin
remained, but God claimed Israel as His own.
B. It Is Practical 2a
Speak tenderly…from the heart. Cry unto her.
1.Her warfare is accomplished.
2.The battle is over. Jesus paid the price for our sin. Sinful man is distanced from a Holy God. Enmity is between us. The War Is Over!
C. It Is Pardoned 2b
Her iniquity is pardoned…for she hath received double.
1.We understand when someone is pardoned for a crime committed. They are forgiven. They are free from a penalty for the crime committed.
2.Double for all her sins…punish Israel twice over. In those days, if a man was hopelessly in debt and unable to make a payment, it was the custom for his creditors to write out a statement of his indebtedness, which he would nail to the door of the debtor’ house. All who would pass by would know that here was a man who was bankrupt and unable to meet his obligation. The extent of the debt was there for all to see, for it was written on parchment. If it should be that the debtor had a wealthy friend, or someone who would come to pay his debt for him…he would go to the creditor. “I am prepared to accept responsibility for this man’s indebtedness. I will pay you in full.” The parchment note on the door was folded in half (doubled) over and sealed. That man had received double for all his indebtedness.
3.My sins are gone! Are your sins gone?

Have you had your breath taken away? Would you like to breathe again?
The writers of all four gospels relate this to the ministry of John the Baptist. To the
Pharisees in Luke 3: Keeping with repentance. Jesus is the coming King…the way is
prepared! This was for their return from Babylon. It speaks of the first and second coming.

Forgiveness is not the end of the Christian experience. We are not saved in our sins, but
from our sins. God begins a renovation:
A. His Greatness 3-4
Isaiah is giving an illustration of what would happen if a visiting or returning king
were to come.
1.Crooked made straight…make straight. I can’t. There are so many things that needs corrected.
2.Valley shall be exalted…the low places of our choosing, become the very thing that is lifted up.
3.Mountain and hill shall be made low. We are so full of pride. We are brought low.
4.Crooked shall be made straight.
5.The rough places…rough ground smooth. God has a way of working with the tangled, complicated messes we have made of our lives.
B. His Glory 5
This will be during the Millennial Kingdom, but it can be true of our lives.
1.His glory shall be revealed.
2.All flesh shall see it. You can count on it, because God has spoken!

Have you had your breath taken away? Would you like to breathe again?
But the Word of the Lord shall stand forever. The situation was impossible. The prophets
were slain. Their cities were in ruins. There was no hope at all of any human victory. Isaiah
reminds them that the flesh…human ability can’t, but God’s Word can!
A contrast is made. How often we try to live in our strength and not His!
A. The Weakness of People 6
Surely the people are grass…people are flesh.
1.It’s beauty is like a flower. Beth and I do not look the same after 30 years. Neither
do you. We aren’t what we were!
2. People will fail. They are human!
B. The Withering of People 7-8a
Grass withers, flowers fade
1. Like grass or a flower…It is seen every Fall.
2. When God blows on us, He takes us home.
“But the Word of our God abides forever”
3. It is not what we do. It is what God promises to do for us! The fulfilment of His
promises do not depend on the weakness of man. (Grass…flower occurs 3 times.)

Have you had your breath taken away? Would you like to breathe again?
Forgiveness is followed by Deliverance and God’s Word becomes our compass and guide.
You have to speak up!
A. The Shout For God 9
1. Good Tidings…Good news…The Gospel
2. Behold your God. When Jesus came and when Jesus comes again. We need to share
the Good News: Living…Victorious…Mighty…Living Savior!
B. The Strength From God 10
1. His arm shall rule for Him.
2. His reward is with Him.
3. His work is before Him.
Here is a God who is ready, willing and able!
C. The Shepherd Of God 11
This warrior is a Shepherd! Notice the verbs:
1.He shall feed His flock.
2.He shall gather the lambs…with His arms.
3.He shall carry them in His bosom.
4.He shall gently lead them that are with young.
You have gone under for the last time...He wants you to breathe again!

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