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How God Brings Lasting Change
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God REVEALS the true nature of GOOD and EVIL.


1.Lasting change comes by DEFEATING EVIL from the INSIDE OUT.

2.Don't UNDERESTIMATE or OVERESTIMATE the power of evil.

3.Look for long-term SOLUTIONS to long-term PROBLEMS.

4.Good only TRIUMPHS when the gospel takes hold of HUMANS HEARTS.

5.A heart filled with God's GOODNESS makes all the DIFFERENCE.

6.Overcome EVIL with GOOD.
Discussion Questions
1.What bad habits are hard to break? What strategies have you seen to be successful?

2.Satan is incorrigible. Even after 1000 years of imprisonment, he returns to his evil ways immediately. What is one of Satan’s fatal flaws?

3.To bring lasting change to our lives, communities, and cultures requires change from the inside out. in your experience at work or in your family or friendships, why are merely external approaches not as successful? share an example of a change from the inside out that you have seen in your life or another's life.

4.Pastor Quintin shared that we should not overestimate or underestimate the power of evil. Which of the two tendencies do you see most often?

5.Describe a time you've seen a temporary fix to a simple issue. Why do more complicated issues require more long-term solutions? Give an example in your personal life.

6.What aspect of Jesus' good news has helped you to overcome a challenge or difficulty in your life?

7.Describe a person whom you've seen experience true heart transformation. How did it change the course of their lives?

8.Why is it tempting to repay evil with evil? And what benefits come from overcoming evil with good?