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You have probably heard of Shalom House, which has the most amazing ministry in rehabilitating individuals and restoring families from controlling issues such as alcohol, drugs, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, gambling, etc. We have the privilege of hosting the men from Shalom in our service this Sunday, and the women the following Sunday - they always bring so much to the service and we look forward to them joining us. Our Church Weekend Away is also on this weekend, so if you’re wondering where some of our regulars are then you’ll find them chilling out (or just chilled 😊) on the beach in Busselton! This Sunday, Pastor Jason Brooks will be bringing the message from Luke, thinking about the prodigal son. There will also be an interview with one of the Shalom men, who will be sharing their story of restoration. Jason says “Jesus’ words spoken 2000 years ago were often challenging and they still are today. They are challenging to those who believe in Him and to those who do not. However, Jesus’ words are always framed with love, compassion and a heart towards the broken, downtrodden, and to those who have taken the wrong turn in life. This Sunday we will be in the Gospel of Luke thinking about the prodigal son.”
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  • Parkerville Baptist Church
    910 Seaborne St, Parkerville WA 6081, Australia
    Sunday 9:30 AM
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Why we exist …
Love God, love others, make disciples … that’s the commission Jesus left his followers.
At Parky, it’s our mission to do this by sharing our lives and creating pathways that inspire people to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

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How would the original audience have understood Jesus’ words?
Imagine thousands of people following Him.
Varying and different views of who Jesus was.
Consider Jesus’ question to Peter, who do people say that I am. (Matt 16:16)
What did His closest disciples think about Jesus confronting words?
I often wonder what they might have thought.
▪︎ Come on Jesus! Tone down the message!
▪︎ Don't make it so challenging to follow you!
▪︎ People will stop following you!
Jesus knows who His true disciples are, those who are called by the Father. Jesus knows that all that the Father gives Him will come to Him, and the one that comes to Him, He will by no means cast out.
Jesus wanted to determine His true disciples.
Jesus wants to lay out the cost of discipleship
• He never promises an easy road / smooth road.
• However, we are promised the peace of Christ.
• We are promised fellowship with God / salvation from sins.
• We are promised God will never leave nor forsake us.
• We are promised truth.
• To come into covenant with Christ is no light matter.
• Jesus did not want an ABC prayer, that would have been foreign to people in that day.
• Only cross bearers can be His disciple, only those who renounce the world.
But why follow Jesus?
In Luke 15 we are given the answer
Jesus gives 3 parables
• The parable of the lost sheep (Luke 15:4-7)
• The parable of the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10)
• The parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32)
Why follow Jesus? Why love Jesus above all?
Because of what He has done for us, because of His love, because He embraces us with His love.
That no matter what we have done, no matter what offence has been committed, Jesus is there waiting for us.
Whatever sin has been committed, Jesus took it to the cross, so that the guilt and shame of what we have done can be given to over to God.
And we can know His peace.


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