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Intended for Good: "Intended for Good" - Genesis 50:15-21
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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Intended for Good

Genesis - The Joseph Narrative

Joseph's story picks up in earnest in Genesis chapter 37. What we know initially about Joseph is that he is the son of Jacob, the grandson of Isaac and the great-grandson of Abraham. Joseph has 11 brothers. Each of his brothers is the ancestor of a tribe of Israel.

Joseph's story begins with a dream and the love of his father. We are told that Jacob loves Joseph deeply, even more than he loves Joseph's brothers. Then, Joseph dreams that his brothers will all bow down to him someday and, in his naiveté, shares this dream. As you can imagine, his brothers don't appreciate the dream.

This begins a series of challenges. Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. He is falsely accused by his owner's wife. He is thrown in jail and forgotten. But all the while, we are told, God is with him. The dream that God gave Joseph will come true.

Joseph's story is one of challenges, but also one of God's ability to triumph. Working through the events in Joseph's life, God brings about an outcome that blesses multitudes. Though many of the human characters intend harm to Joseph, God has intended good for all and God will prevail. The dream will come true.

The Text in Context

"Vengeance belongs to God, not man. Joseph would not consider usurping a prerogative which belonged only to God (cf. Romans 12:19; I Thessalonians 5:15; I Peter 4:19). Furthermore, while their attitudes and actions were evil, the result was..." Click link to read more.
John Calvin on Providence:

Here are the quotes Pastor Jon cited from John Calvin re: Providence:

"... They are governed by God's secret plan in such a way that nothing happens except what is knowingly and willingly decreed by him."

"Not one drop of ran falls without God's sure command."

"Let us imagine, for example, a merchant who, entering a wood with a company of faithful men, unwisely wanders away from his companions and in his wanderings comes upon a robber's den, falls among thieves, and is slain. His death was not only foreseen by God's eye, but also determined by his decree."

(These quotes can be found in chapter 16 of Calvin's Institutes.)
Brueggemann Quote

Here is the other quote Pastor Jon cited:

"Joseph's brothers "Could not see that in the midst of their scheme was another plan about which none of them knew, a plan hidden but sure of its work."

(From his commentary on Genesis.)
Sermon Outline

I. The point of it all
A. What God intended
B. How God worked in Joseph's life
C. The dream - Joseph's brothers "Fall down."

II. Providence
A. What is it?
B. Challenges
C. Comforts - Rom. 8:28

III. Simpler question - Do you trust God's character?

IV. Revelation 21:1-4

1) Read Revelation 21:1-4.

2) Pray that it would become your hope and dream.

1) What has stood out to you the most in Joseph's story?

2) Genesis 50:15-21 depict the moment where Joseph's dream is fully fulfilled. What is the most surprising aspect of the way it was fulfilled?

3) Josephs says that God "intended for good" what Joseph's brothers "intended for harm." What is challenging about the idea that God could use Joseph's brothers' actions in this way?

4) What is comforting about the idea that God can work through the bad decisions of humans?

5) Where do you stand on the concept of God's providence, as expressed by John Calvin? Does this idea comfort you? Challenge you?

6) What do you think the Bible teaches about providence?

7) How can Joseph's story deepen your trust in God?

Let Ms. Stephanie know you're coming and if you can help out a bit too! It's gonna be a scary good time!

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