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Mission In The Ordinary
David Kirkpatrick | 2 Corinthians 5:14 - 6:2
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Because God loves the world, He has a mission for you in the ordinary.
Indigenizing Principle: "Church history has always been a battleground for two opposing tendencies; and the reason is that each of the tendencies has its origin in the gospel itself. On the one hand, it is of the essence of the gospel that God accepts us as we are, on the ground of Christ's work alone, not on the ground of what we have become or are trying to become. But, if he accepts us ‘as we are ’that implies he does not take us as isolated, self-governing units, because we are not. We are conditioned by a particular time and place, by our family and group and society, by “culture” in fact. In Christ, God accepts us together with our group relations; with that cultural conditioning that makes us feel at home in one part of human society and less at home in another."
Pilgrim Principle: "The Christian inherits the pilgrim principle, which whispers to him that he has no abiding city and warns him that to be faithful to Christ will put him out of step with his society; for that society never existed, in East or West, ancient time or modern, which could absorb the word of Christ painlessly into its system. Jesus within Jewish culture, Paul within Hellenistic culture, take it for granted that there will be rubs and frictions—not from the adoption of a new culture, but from the transformation of the mind toward that of Christ."
- Your faith cannot just be about you and God.
- Notice: there’s no option in the ordinary
Where Do We Start?
Do for ONE what you wish you could do for ALL.

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