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Weekend Worship | October 16

Weekend Worship | October 16

“The Parables: Persistent Widow" | October 16 | Luke 18:1-18

Locations & Times

Central Christian Church

2900 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226, USA

Sunday 9:30 AM

I. Unceasing prayer
I. Unceasing prayer
a. Substantive prayer
Biblically approved prayers

i. Laborers for the Harvest
ii. Open doors for the gospel
iii. For fellow believers' faith
iv. Provision
v. Help
vi. Strength
vii. For God to teach us
viii. Increased faith
ix. Healing when sick
x. Wisdom
xi. Spiritual Gifts
xii. Leading
xiii. Forgiveness
xiv. Deliverance from sin
xv. His glory
xvi. Steadfastness in the midst of trial
xvii. Dark spiritual forces to be thwarted
I. Unceasing prayer
a. Substantive prayer
b. Prayer that doesn't give up
II. Life will tempt us to lose heart
a. Afflicted, perplexed, persecuted, struck down
b. A darkening age
i. David's very real circumstance

1. Evildoers assailing him
2. Armies encamping against him
3. War rising
ii. David's prayers

1. Let me dwell in your presence every day
2. Let me gaze upon your beauty
3. Be gracious and answer me
4. Don’t hide yourself or turn away in anger
5. Teach me your way and lead me on level paths
6. Give me NOT up to the will of my adversaries.
iii. David's declaration

1. He WILL hide me in his shelter
2. He WILL conceal me
3. He WILL lift me high
iv. David's statement of faith

1. I believe...
Resources for today’s sermon are available upon request in the church office.

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