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LBC Fresh Encounter - Oct 12
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    Friday 8:15 AM, Friday 10:45 AM

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Text: Mark 4:35-41
Title: Help! My Boat is Full!
Speaker: J.D. Howell
1. Atmospheric Heaven Seen by Day, our Blue or Cloudy Sky
2. Planetary Heaven Seen by Night, our Stars and Planets
3. Divine Eternal Heaven Seen now by Faith. Known as the Holy City, New Jerusalem, Beulah land, Zion, our Eternal Home, Mansion in the Sky, the Father’s House
One of the hardest times to trust God is in the easy times!
When we are living in self-reliance, we can be confident that we are headed for self-ruin
We have been misled by culture
We have been misguided by our heart
We will always be when our faith is small
What role will He play in my life?


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