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Lancaster Baptist Church

LBC Fresh Encounter - Sept 28

LBC Fresh Encounter - Sept 28

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Locations & Times

Lancaster Baptist Church

4020 E Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93535, USA

Saturday 8:15 AM

Saturday 10:45 AM

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Text: Genesis 39:20-41:1
Title: Prospering in the Prisons of Life
Speaker: Dr. Jim Schettler
I. What are the Prisons of Life?
A. State of Not Doing What you Feel you Should Be Doing
B. Place of Waiting in Suffering/Pain and Loss that Won't Go Away
C. Consequence of Someone Else's Bad Decision
II. How Do You Thrive in a Prison?
A. Be a Doer not a Quitter
B. Serve Others not Yourself
C. Experience God's Presence not God's Plenty
III. Why Do We Have to be in Prisons?
A. God is Preparing us for Something Greater
B. God is Providing for us Something Better


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