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Intended for Good: "All the Land of Egypt" - Genesis 41:25-36
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    sábado 5:15 PM, domingo 5:20 PM

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Intended for Good

Genesis - The Joseph Narrative

Joseph's story picks up in earnest in Genesis chapter 37. What we know initially about Joseph is that he is the son of Jacob, the grandson of Isaac and the great-grandson of Abraham. Joseph has 11 brothers. Each of his brothers is the ancestor of a tribe of Israel.

Joseph's story begins with a dream and the love of his father. We are told that Jacob loves Joseph deeply, even more than he loves Joseph's brothers. Then, Joseph dreams that his brothers will all bow down to him someday and, in his naiveté, shares this dream. As you can imagine, his brothers don't appreciate the dream.

This begins a series of challenges. Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. He is falsely accused by his owner's wife. He is thrown in jail and forgotten. But all the while, we are told, God is with him. The dream that God gave Joseph will come true.

Joseph's story is one of challenges, but also one of God's ability to triumph. Working through the events in Joseph's life, God brings about an outcome that blesses multitudes. Though many of the human characters intend harm to Joseph, God has intended good for all and God will prevail. The dream will come true.

The Text in Context

"It is very easy to misunderstand Genesis 41 by superimposing (our) false conception of success onto the experience of Joseph when he was exalted to the second highest position in all of Egypt. We may look at the..." Click link to read more.
Sermon Outline

I. Recap of Joseph's Story

II. Joseph's gifts
A. Faith
B. Wisdom
C. Dreams

III. Gifts
A. What is a spiritual gift?
B. What counts as a spiritual gift?
C. How should gifts be used?

IV. All the Land of Egypt
A. The reason Joseph is in his position
B. The reason we are given gifts
C. How God uses gifts

V. Us vs. the World?
A. John 3:16 - The World?
B. Joseph and Egypt
C. Christians and the World
D. How might you use your gifts?

1) Reach out to a close family member or friend and ask them what your gifts are. Maybe ask a few people.

2) Reflect on your day-to-day life. Where do you usually go throughout the day and what opportunities are there for you to use your gifts to bless others?

3) Pray that God would use your gifts to bless our entire community.

1) How do you define spiritual gifts?

2) What spiritual gifts do you think Joseph possesses?

3) How does Joseph use those gifts?

4) Who do you think God wants us to use our gifts on behalf of?

5) What spiritual gifts do you possess?

6) How might you use your gifts to bless others this next week? What specific, concrete things might you be able to do to use the gifts God has given you on behalf of others?

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