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September 18, 2022: Luke 13:22-30
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Luke 13:22-30: The Narrow Door

I) The parable and its meaning:

A) The Setting: Jesus is teaching on his way to ________________.

B) The question: How __________ people are going to be saved?

C) Jesus’s answer: Those that go through the ____________ door.

1) God has opened salvation’s gate, but it will __________ someday.

2) If you don’t have a ________________ with the master, you won’t be able to enter in.

3) This relationship must be deeper than ____________ interaction.

D) Jesus’s teaching about the ending:

1) Those that don’t know him will face ________ and suffering.

2) There will be ______________ for God’s people.

3) God’s kingdom will include people from throughout the ___________.

4) Their Jewish ______________ isn’t near as important as they think in God’s kingdom.

II) The parable's implications for today.

A) All paths do not lead to God only a relationship with ________ does.

B) Modern objections to Jesus’s claim.

1) Some say all religions are __________ truth and connect with the same god.

There is an appearance of humility in the protestation that the truth is much greater than any one of us can grasp, but if this is used to invalidate all claims to discern the truth it is in fact an arrogant claim to a kind of knowledge which is superior to [all others]…We have to ask: “What is the [absolute] vantage ground from which you claim to be able to relativize all the absolute claims these different scriptures make?” Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

2) Others say there is no way to possibly know Jesus’s claim is __________.

You can’t say, “All claims about religions are historically conditioned except the one I am making right now.” If you insist that no one can determine which beliefs are right and wrong, why should we believe what you are saying? The reality is that we all make truth-claims of some sort and it is very hard to weigh them responsibly, but we have no alternative but to try to do so. Tim Keller The Reason For God

C) Proximity to Jesus or engagement with a church is not the __________ as a relationship with him.

D) There are eternal _________________ to our spiritual choices.

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