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Ephesians - Week One
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Group Discussion & Life Challenge
Use these notes as discussion prompts for your group, or in your personal time with God.

Get to know each other. Connect, warm up to each other, fellowship.

Carry each other's burdens. Share life’s challenges and practice Soul Care. Pray together.

Dive into God’s Word. Use these discussion questions. Learn from each other's insight

1) What is the thing that provides the most worry or nervousness in life? Ex: a group of strangers, a new season, the unknown, being out of control or something else?
2) When something worries you, what do you do? What is your normal response, and do you think it is helpful or healthy?
3) Discuss some of the examples of what Paul was referring to that help the believers in Ephesus to move away from their worries? (adoption, Holy Spirit, wisdom, understanding? ) What makes the biggest impact?
4) Sometimes having the right conversation with the right person makes all the difference in the world when you fall into worry. Can you share a time where this worked for you?
5) 2 Cor 12 gives a perspective on our weakness and God's strength. Can you share one weakness that you are wanting to trust God with more? What is currently a work in progress ?

Does anyone need clarity on something? Are there any big God questions you are wrestling with?

Celebrate life’s successes and God’s provision. Worship God’s presence. Time to brag about God.
Jesus, I believe you came because you love us, you died on the cross because you love us and you rose again because you desired to make a way for me to be with you now and in Heaven. I am sorry for sinning and going my own way, please forgive me. God be the King of my life, I invite you right now to come and change my heart and life. Amen
If you prayed the Prayer of Salvation, do these three things:
1. Tell someone that you started a relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Talk to God and tell him about your life. Just talk to him like you would to a friend because HE is your friend,
3. Check out that reading plan above (Click on the "First Steps" image above).

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