Boldly Share the Gospel
Boldly Share the Gospel
Locations & Times
  • StonePoint Church
    215 Advantage Dr, Cumming, GA 30040, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
1. Meet People Where They Are
2.Find an opening by using their own examples
2. Establish common ground - find things you can agree upon
3. Then move people toward a decision about Jesus.

We should work with what we have learned and know but continue to seek to know more to be more effective witnesses and to be able to respond to people’s questions and arguments.

A lot of people talk about God and Jesus today, but to most people, God is still unknown.

We need to proclaim who God is and make clear what He has done for everyone through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We cannot assume that even religious people around us truly know Jesus or understand the importance of faith in Him alone for salvation and eternal life.

We can always start by pointing out God’s creation and majesty to others. His creation exclaims there must be a Creator.

Artwork must be created by an Artist.

God is the ultimate Artist.

We can change our methods and approach to meet people where they are, but we should never change the message of Jesus.

The Gospel of Jesus changes lives still today!!

be bold and tell others about Jesus when given the opportunity.

God is always moving in people’s hearts, nudging them closer to accepting His gift of salvation.

Even if only a few believe based on your witness, it’s worth the effort.

Jesus can change your past and your name too. He will give you a brand-new heart for Him and you will forever be associated with Him instead of your past!