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Historical Realities – First century Christians were a tiny minority who faced tremendous temptations to compromise and immense pressure to conform to the ways of their culture.
Future Events – Antichrist and his allies will oppose God, but Christ and his people will joyfully triumph.
Spiritual Truths – True satisfaction is found not in the city of Babylon but in the kingdom of Jesus.
1. Cultures and ideologies opposed to God can be extremely ATTRACTIVE but are ultimately EVIL and HARMFUL.
2. The spirit of darkness first TEMPTS you by offering SATISFACTION, then PERSECUTES you if you don’t CONFORM.
4. Evil is SELF-DESTRUCTIVE and eventually DISINTEGRATES, because God is in CONTROL.
5. Our role is to remain FEARLESS and FAITHFUL. God has something BETTER.
6. Babylon comes to a TRAGIC and SUDDEN collapse. It cannot ENDURE and only DISAPPOINTS.
7. Lasting JOY is found in the God of TRUTH and GOODNESS.

Discussion Questions
1. Share about a time that you were “sold a bill of goods.” That is, you thought you were getting something valuable, but it ended up being fairly worthless. How did it make you feel?

2. What in the message or passage was encouraging, confusing, challenging, or thought-provoking to you? Why?

In Revelation 17-18, “Babylon”represents any culture, ideology, or movement that is opposed to God, his truth,and his people. In spite ofits oppositionto Christ, “Babylon” can appear enticing, attractive, or appealing. How do we spot the deceptions? How can we be prepared to push against its initial appeal? Why is that difficult at times?

At first, “Babylon” tempts us. But if we don’t conform, “Babylon” turns against us. How have you seen this reality in your life? How can we encourage those who have a very difficult path to follow as they seek to be faithful to God… on campus, in the workplace, or in the community?

How can your Life Group encourage each other to be fearless and faithful in the ups and downs of living life in Christ?

How can we be faithful to our calling to share the good news to people who are perhaps discovering that “Babylon” isn’t all that great after all? How can we present a refreshing alternative to the short-term and deceptive satisfactions? How can we do it in a winsome and humble way?