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September 11, 2022: Luke 13:18-21
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Luke 13:10-18: Small but not insignificant

I) The Parables

A) In each, something small and ________________ effects the world around it.

B) A small mustard seed grows to a big tree to provides ___________.

C) The yeast ______________ the dough and causes it to rise and provide enough bread for hundreds of people.

II) The Parables’ Meaning

A) This parable describes how the kingdom of God will __________.

B) The language of __________ perching echoes God’s promise in Ezekiel 17:22-24 to establish a new ruler for this people.

C) In some ancient Jewish writings, “the birds of the heavens” referred specifically to _____________. The parable implies that God’s rule will include people from all nations.

D) God will be ________________ in this new kingdom!

E) The yeast imagery reminds us that the kingdom of God often grows in __________ ways.

F) The yeast concept also teaches us that the kingdom of God will eventually ______________ everything.

III) The Parables' Application

A) Jesus initiated a worldwide movement, but the kingdom expansion is not ______________.

B) Believers are called to ____________ God’s kingdom.
C) God still uses the ___________ things to accomplish his purpose.
D) Our faith in Christ is a _____________ process of growth that is empowered by the work of the Holy Spirit

The kingdom of God is the presence and powerful lordship of Jesus! This kingdom is known and seen wherever Christ is acknowledged, where his subjects are saved, where his enemies are vanquished, and where his ways are obeyed. (Definition adapted from Sam Storms)

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