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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
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• Letter from Paul to Timothy, written ~62 AD
• Timothy was a young pastor in Ephesus
• Significant cultural challenges


• Encouragement to Timothy
• Doctrine & how to deal with false teachers
• Live out the practical and ethical implications of the gospel
Law is good & for the lawless, not the just vs 8-10

- Relationship books tell you what to do to show love to spouse/kids/friends
- Being 100% invested in a relationship you don’t need the book to tell you what to do.

Recognize the change vs 12-14

- You used to be a caterpillar now you have been trans-morphed into a butterfly
- Stop eating leaves and enjoy the nectar that God provides. Stop living in bondage to the old ways (sin, comfort, affluence, apathy) and walk in love, forgiveness, freedom and hope and passion

Live out the why vs 15-17

- You get to be used by God, not because of your great strength, eloquence, or gifts, but because through you HIS power will be manifest
The Next Gen

Who are they?
What do they typically believe?

Next Steps:

• Lead at home, with your kids & grandkids
• Personal prayer & visible quiet time
• Bible study / biblical discussions
• Catch worldview & influencing messages
• Lead in the community & world
• Volunteer at church, school, etc.
• Be friendly and show Gods love everywhere


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