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Experiencing God Through Obedience - Phil Kendon
The book of Isaiah begins in a very surprising way as God declares that he is displeased with the sacrifices and the worship of his people. It seems like a strange contradiction that the God who commanded the system of sin offerings and temple worship should be unhappy when his people do these very things. But as we explore the message of the prophet, we see that the people had come to rely on their status as the “People of God” and their performance of religious duties. They had lost the authenticity of their relationship with God and failed to realise how far they had drifted from obedience that comes from the heart. The prophet Isaiah’s words are as relevant to us today as they were to the Israelites then as he calls us to experience God through a life of obedience.
Locations & Times
  • Redeemer Church Mauritius
    Sunday 9:30 AM
1. The contradiction
Why would the God who called for sacrifices now reject them from his people?
2. The obedience God is opposed to
- Religious activity without relationship
- No connection between religion and life
3. The obedience God is seeking
- A humble obedience
- A practical obedience
4. Our response
The Israelites learnt about obedience through relationship from the exile and sometimes God takes us through a similar journey too
5. The path to obedience
God has made a way for our obedience through Jesus.
To obey is better than sacrifice.