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Be Alert! Guard Your Heart!
Dan DeRoche | Revelation 17:1-18
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Main Point:
Christians have an enemy (Satan) who wants to use the ways of the world to lure us away from Jesus. We must be wise and live this life aware of this temptation and plan. To do otherwise is eternally foolish.
The Angel's Vision of a Deceiving Woman - Rev 17:1-6
"Babylon" is humanity's intent to live apart from God. This woman represents the world's opposition to God and to his people, the church
The Destiny of this Woman - Revelation 17:7-8
The Destiny of this Woman - Revelation 17:9-11
Babylon and Rome were characterized by regimes that:
• Attracted the masses
• Declared their own greatness above God
• Rejected any need for God
• Oppressed and tormented all who are faithful to God
The Destiny of this Woman - Revelation 17:12-14
The Destiny of this Woman - Revelation 17:15-18
Personal Reflection: What does this mean for us today? As followers of Jesus, it is important for us to ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts. (Ps 139:23-24)
Meditate on these questions and perhaps journal the answers:

Have I become so attached to certain comforts and luxuries in this life that I would resent God if he took them away?
Have I allowed myself to be seduced by the ways of the world?
Have some of the pleasures of life in this world, the enjoyment of things like sports, hobbies, entertainment and food crossed a line in my heart where now they are so important to me that because of them I have little time for God?
Do I care more and get more excited about worldly things than I do the things of God?
Two resources to help develop hearts that are more satisfied with the Person and ways of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) than the things of the world:

1. Blessed: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation by Nancy Guthrie – p.203 “Hearing and keeping this passage must mean that day by day and year after year we’re finding that our love for our true bridegroom is squeezing out any lingering love of the world”

2. Crossview Bible Reading Plan – New Testament and Psalms – 5 days a week – read together as a church – Available at the Welcome Center, on our website and in the email announcements

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