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Discovery Fellowship Church

Unstoppable #13 - Unbound & Free

Unstoppable #13 - Unbound & Free

Locations & Times

Discovery Fellowship Church

6630 Brittany Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

What does God want to do with people who are in prison?
1. The City of Philippi was Imprisoned in Darkness
2. A Slave Girl Who was Imprisoned - by a Demon
3. God’s Messengers were Imprisoned--by the Governing Authorities
4. The Jailer was Imprisoned--by His Circumstances

• A spiritually dark city & culture

• The spiritual imprisonment of a young life by demonic influences

• The physical imprisonment of a maximum security cell

• The personal imprisonment of difficult circumstances

•Your personal prison?

God wants to set prisoners free!
The City of Philippi Imprisoned in Darkness
The Slave Girl Imprisoned by Demons
The Messengers of God Imprisoned in Jail
The Jailer Imprisoned in His Own Jail

1. Identify what your jail is
2. Acknowledge that your only hope is found in Jesus Christ & His Spirit
3. Ask for the help of someone you know that is full of the Spirit
4. Trust daily in the God Who will give you freedom


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