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The prophet Habakkuk lived in a time filled with violence, injustice and wickedness. A setting eerily similar to the culture we experience in America today. Habakkuk was frustrated with God at his seeming indifference to these evils. But, God was doing something to make things right and bring redemption in his time. The question asked of us is: will we believe God and worship him as such? Habakkuk 2:4 reminds us that “the righteous shall live by faith”. In the end, God is enough to satisfy our souls and bring rejoicing in good times and bad.
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This Week's Scripture

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Habakkuk - The righteous will live by faith Pt 1
Habakkuk 1:1-11

1. Habakkuk’s Complaint – vs. 1-4
2. God’s Answer – vs. 5-11
3. Our Response
1. Habakkuk’s Complaint – vs. 1-4
2. God’s Answer – vs. 5-11