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Sunday, August 21, 2022
The Parables: The Two Builders
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The Parables: The Two Builders

The Three Little Pigs
Will it handle the wolf?
Will it stand up to the wolf test?
-Saying something you later regretted
-Dating someone who wasn’t spiritually healthy
-Buying something impulsively that you never use
-Maybe Father’s Day rolled around, and you realized that you had not spent nearly enough time or money or care on Dad—Because no matter what a family does for Dad, it would never be enough to repay him for all he’s given and done. Amen.
“I’m able, bright enough, and clever enough that somehow I can engineer a storm-free life.”
What are you building your house on?
What are you constructing your life on?
“Jesus, whatever you say, I will seek to understand it. That’s what I’m going to do with my singleness, my marriage, my children my time, my money, my relationships, my values.”
Is the life that empties itself of self-righteousness and pride
Is the life that is overwhelmed by and mourns over its own sin
Is the life that prays without ceasing
Is the life that makes the maximum effort to enter the narrow gate and be faithful in the narrow way of Christ and His Word
“You know what, Jesus? Why don’t You just take control of the house? I’m going to sign it over to you. I want to have my house built on the rock. I want it to be Your house. I want it to be Your life.”