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Isaiah 32
“Life As It Should Be”

1. Will life ever be as it should be?
2. In Is. 32 life is as God as it should be:

Will life ever be as it should be?
Behold a king shall reign…Having been delivered Zion is renewed. Who is the king?
Only Messiah can reign in righteousness. Until Jesus comes…life will not be as it should.
Characteristics when Jesus reigns:
A. Our Righteousness 1
Behold, according to righteousness there will reign a king. Princes shall rule in
1.One day we will rule and Isaiah is not speaking merely of the king, but he is also speaking of his government.
2.He and all within His administration will be what they should be. All will be right.
3.It should characterize the life of every believer. Put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. (Eph. 4:24, 25)
B. Our Refuge 2
God’s purpose for man will be fulfilled in the perfect man. Instead of oppressing He
will protect. He will be a refuge for His people. (Heb. 2:5, 6, 8, 9)
Like…this is what King Jesus is like!
1.He Will Protect Like a hiding place from the wind…when you see a tornado go to the basement or jump into a ravine. He provides cover from the tempest
2.He Will Provide Like rivers of water in a dry place…water is essential to live. Where once it was dry and barren…add water…and a desert will bloom.
3.He Will Preserve Like a shadow of a great rock in a parched land. In a desert any shade is welcomed. The One on the throne is the refuge for the ones He rules. This is what He is to us. Run to Him!
C. Our Restoration 3-4
Things will be as they should be is now expressed in a different manner. He uses
four body parts to make his point:
1.Eyes Eyes of those who see shall not be dim. They will be able to see. God at one time had shut their eyes. Satan had blinded their eyes. Until Jesus came, we could not see!
2.Ears Of those who hear shall hear. They will hear as they should and this leads to obedience.
3.Heart the mind of the hasty (impulsive) will discern the truth. They did not
understand the truth. There is relative truth (as one perceives). There is absolute truth (which originates from God who is absolutely true).
4.Tongue Of the stammerer will speak clearly…Spiritually all of the above happens when Jesus comes!
D. Our Reality 5-8
Magicians can be amazing, produces feats that seem impossible. It is easy to fool
us…but not God!
God sees us as we are. What does God see when He looks at you? The fool shall no
more be called noble…the rogue is said to be generous. Accolades will not be given
to the undeserving.
1. Wicked 6 Fool (has said in his heart…no God) deserves foolish things. His
heart inclines toward wickedness: To practice ungodliness…To speak error
against God…To keep the hungry person unsatisfied…To withhold drink from
the thirsty.
2. Warrior 7 Rogue…Knave although perceived by other as ‘liberal’,
‘generous’ he is full of gross evil! His Schemes…His Slander is directed
toward the poor. The needy are his target!
3. Wise 8 Noble man…lives openly before God. He devises noble plans…By
those noble plans he stands. What you see is what he is. A nation with a
perverted mind cannot recognize men for what they are.
Verses 9-14 goes back to Isaiah’s day. The women of his society are addressed.
He wants us to be brought to the end of ourselves to a place of brokenness!

Will life ever be as it should be?
When will things change? Until the Spirit be poured out upon us from on high. Then
there will be a reversal of the present condition...God does what we can’t!
A. Prosperity 15b Fruitfulness
1. Judah had become a wilderness. It will be changed into a fruitful land.
2. Blessings are given to mankind who has been renewed. So it is with us when
Jesus takes control.
B. Purity 16 Justice and righteousness…(32:1) What He is we become…Because the
Holy Spirit is poured out. This is not by human effort. It is not by might or by power
but by my Spirit says the Lord.
C. Peace 17-18 The work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of
righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.
1.A rightness with God brings peace. Peace cannot come by human effort alone.
2.The blessed effect of being right with God: Quietness…Assurance (confidence, certainty based on the promises of God)…Peace within bring Peace without. (18)
D. Plenty 19-20
1. Peace can only come when we are ‘brought low’. Pride must go!!!
2. Blessed are they which sow beside all waters. We sow whenever the opportunity
arises. Blessed are those who experience freedom in Christ!

The wondrous changes that are to occur are the work of God alone.
Life will be as it should be when His purposes will be carried out!

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