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Water Baptism - Phil Kendon
Where does water baptism fit in our Christian life? Some may have been baptised as infants, others as adult believers, and some may never have been baptised. What do the scriptures teach about water baptism and its spiritual symbolism and significance? The image of death, burial, and resurrection is fundamental to the Christian life, and it is also fundamental to the symbol of baptism. When a person goes under the water, they are acting out the spiritual reality that has happened in their life through faith in Jesus. They have died and are buried under the water, and they emerge from the water like a resurrection of new life.
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  • Redeemer Church Mauritius
    Tuesday 6:00 PM
1. There are many Christian traditions about baptism

Tradition is secondary to what happens in the heart.
2. Death and Resurrection

- My old selfish way of living is dead and now I live for God.
- The power of my past is broken, and I live in resurrection power.
- The price of my sin is paid, and I live in freedom.
3. I get baptised in faith

Baptism is not a mystical ritual, it is an expression of my faith
4. Why should I get baptised?

- Jesus commanded it
- Jesus set us an example
- Baptism is a public witness of my faith
5. The pattern of the book of Acts

- Acts 2:37–41
- Acts 8:12
- Acts 10:44–48
- Acts 22:16
6. Questions and answers about baptism

- Who should be baptised? Everyone who believes.
- If I was baptised as a baby, should I be baptised again? Yes, as a believer.
- When should I get baptised? As soon after your salvation as possible.
- Where and how should we get baptised? Anywhere as long as it is by full immersion of water.
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.