The Gospel and Persecution Part 3
The Gospel and Persecution Part 3
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What must I do to be saved?”

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved”

Even when it looks like bad things are happening to us, God will bring it about for His good and His glory, and to bring about the salvation of others.

Start by Meeting People Where They Are

Then, show them the Truth and Love of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit Convict their hearts and draw them to Jesus!

Jealousy crept in

Be careful when others start to get more attention doing God’s work than we do that we don’t get envious or jealous.

God is the one that is supposed to be getting the glory no matter who He is using to bring people to Himself.

When jealousy and envy begin to creep in, pride and Satan are lurking at the door. Rebuke those thoughts and don’t give the enemy a foothold.

When the enemy has no other play, he usually goes to diversionary tactics and twisted truths which are the same as lies!

“You may not receive much attention as you serve Jesus (in fact, you may receive only grief). But He sees you, and you can be confident that lives will be changed because of your courage and faithfulness.” – Life Application Study Bible notes

When you are going through trials and tribulations because you are doing God’s will and leading others to Jesus, Satan is going to try to come against you and cause problems. Don’t give up…you are in good company…Jesus, His Disciples, and the Heroes of the Faith!
When facing constant persecution for doing what God has called you to do, do you back away and stop because of fear, pressure, or the possibility of pain? Or do you keep trusting God and keep following Him so that others may know Him and be saved too?

Always compare what you hear from others with what the Bible says, even from those who claim to speak from God.

Satan quoted Scripture too…he simply twisted things out of context.

God will always confirm His message from others with His Word in the proper context.

We too can trust God even when we endure persecution because He sees the big picture and He will bring about good from our circumstances.

We should trust Him and praise Him even in the midst of the storms so we can focus on Him and be a witness to others in the storm.

Never miss an opportunity to tell others about Jesus and what He has done for you and can do for them, even if it is to those who have caused you harm. Your kindness to them and witness to them might just bring them to Jesus!