Crossridge Church
CROSSRIDGE - Sunday, August 14th, 2022
Locations & Times
  • Crossridge Sundays
    5732 176 St, Surrey, BC V3S 4C8, Canada
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
QUOTE - A.W. Tozer

“For millions of Christians, nevertheless, God is no more real than He is to the non-Christian. They go through life trying to love an ideal and be loyal to a mere principle.”
QUOTE - Bruce Waltke

“The wise have tongues controlled by loving emotions and sound thought and so speak in a way that makes their internalized knowledge of the moral order attractive. Instead of brutalizing people with their knowledge of the cause-effect relationship in God’s ordained moral order, the wise state it kindly, sensitively, and gently with an aim to save their audience, not to condemn and destroy it.”
QUOTE - Blaise Pascal

“Men despise religion. They hate it and are afraid it may be true. The cure for this is first to show that religion is not contrary to reason, but worthy of reverence and respect. Next make it attractive, make good men wish it were true, and then show that it is.”
QUOTE - Chris Ball, Breaking the Social Media Prism

“We think of platforms like Facebook and Twitter as places where we can seek information or entertain ourselves for a few minutes. But in an era of growing social isolation, social media platforms have become one of the most important tools we use to understand ourselves - and each other. We are addicted to social media not because it provides us with flashy eye candy or endless distractions, but because it helps us do something we humans are hardwired to do: present different versions of ourselves, observe what other people think of them, and revise our identities accordingly. But instead of a giant mirror that we can use to see our entire society, social media is more like a prism that refracts our identities - leaving us with a distorted understanding of each other, and ourselves…and leaves most of us with profound misgivings about those on the other side.”