Cross Bridge Church
Sermon Title: Crossroads - Pastor Deann Leib
Locations & Times
  • Cross Bridge Church
    651 Barnes Blvd, Rockledge, FL 32955, USA
    söndag 9:00 AM, söndag 11:00 AM
Sermon Title: CROSSROADS

Pastor DeAnn Leib

1. ___________ and _____________ .

2. ___________ and ____________ .
b. It's a _________ , not a ___________ .

c. It's a _________ , not a ___________ .

d. It's not always _______ ___ _________ or ________ .

e. BUT it IS ______, ___________, _________ & ________ .
3. ________ and _______ .

a. ____________ or _________, ___________ or __________
b. _______ or __________ .
c. _______ or __________ .
d. _______ or __________ .
"Dare to Believe that:
The Broken are the Brave.
The Limping can Lead.
What appears to be
falling apart is actually falling together. "

-Ann Voscamp
Additional Scriptures:
Mt 7:13-14, Prov 16:25, Prov 16:17
Prov 3:5-6, I Peter 3:15
II Chronicles 20:31-33
Romans 8, Lamentations 3, Habakkuk 3, Ps 18

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A Night with Katie Rucker

We are thrilled to welcome Kati for this evening event presented by Arise: A Sisterhood Ministry at Cross Bridge Church. We will hear from Kati, enjoy light refreshments, and have time to connect with Kati and each other. All ladies ages 12+ welcome to attend! Please RSVP on this event so we can have an accurate count for seating and refreshments. Kati Rucker is currently serving with the Eurasia Region, based in Portugal. Kati is currently serving as Eurasia Region's Holistic Child Development Coordinator. She works alongside local churches to support them in their ministries to children that are caring for boys and girls in every aspect (spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and relationally).

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