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    Monday 10:00 AM
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    Monday 10:00 AM
Have you ever been in a situation where something happened
and you thought to yourself, that’s unfair?
In all of these situations, there are three perspectives and
responses that we need to consider.
1. Our personal perspective and response.

We can respond with depression...

We can respond by taking matters into our own hands...

2. God's perspective and response.

3. Our proper perspective and response.
As we go from here today and we enter into our daily routines I
want you to remember three things…
First, our view of ALL situations is extremely limited.
Second, what may seem unfair in the here and now may be
leading us to something greater down the road.
Finally, before we respond to a situation, our focus needs to be
upward as we look to see what God is doing in and around us.