Cornerstone Community Church
Our Intercessor & Advocate
Speaker: Pastor Nate Herrlin
Locations & Times
  • CCC meeting at Bethel Church of the Nazarene
    125 Koffee Ln, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

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Out Intercessor & Advocate
Hebrews 7:25 & 1 John 2:1
What is Jesus doing NOW?

1. Jesus is INTERCEDING for us.
Why would Jesus need to intercede for us if we are already justified before God?
“Intercession APPLIES what the atonement ACCOMPLISHED.”

“Intercession is the moment-by-moment application of [Jesus] atoning work.”

“Christ's intercession reflects how profoundly personal our rescue is.”

- Dane Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly”, p79 - 80.
What is Jesus doing NOW?

2. Jesus is ADVOCATING on our behalf.
What’s the difference between an intercessor and an advocate?

“INTERSESSION has the idea of MEDIATING between two parties, bringing them together. ADVOCACY is similar but has the idea of ALIGNING ONESELF with another.”

- Dane Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly”, p87.

How personal is all of this?

Jesus comes to my defense EVERY TIME I SIN.
Rather than making excuses for us, Jesus points to “His all-sufficient sacrifice and sufferings on the cross in our place.”

“Do not minimize your sin or excuse it away. Raise no defense. Simply take it to the one who's already at the right hand of the Father, advocating for you on the basis of His own wounds. Let your own unrighteousness, in all your darkness and despair, drive you to Jesus Christ, the righteous, in all His brightness and sufficiency.”

- Dane Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly”, p93 &94

My NEXT STEP with God this week:

- Bring a specific sin to Jesus. No more excuses – I’m just coming to Jesus for mercy and help.

- Thank Jesus for His intercession and advocacy on my behalf.

- Consider: What could change about my perspective if I were to embrace in my heart that Jesus really is my defender?