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Philosopher Jesus
Pastor Ed Kemp Luke 18:1-8 July 14 & 17, 2022
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    1100 S Sowell St, Visalia, CA 93277, USA
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How do you persist with optimism toward God?
Jesus the Philosopher: Answers for Life
Luke 18:1-8, July 14 & 17, 2022
Prayer Requests:
Group Discussion: When it comes to a new challenge or new task do you mostly feel optimistic or pessimistic? Why? Is it because you don’t like new tasks, know how much work it’s going to be or because you don’t like risk and the unknown?
Read out loud: Luke 18:1-8
How do you persist with optimism toward God?
1. Write. Have you ever taken the time to write down the blessings of God in your life that day? Go to the GateWay bookstore and get a small notebook and this week keep track of every blessing God brings into your life. Share them once a month at your small group. Share right now what has been one of the greatest or even smallest blessings in your life.
2. Pray. Prayer is one of the least practiced spiritual disciplines there is. We wonder how come we don’t see God do more in and around us? Because we just don’t spend time in concentrated effort praying. With our TV, internet culture our time is spent being entertained or at least occupied.
Take some time and pray:
a. For your family
b. For your church
c. For the schools
d. For Law Enforcement and First Responders.
e. For our military, get a plastic soldier in the lobby to remind you to pray.
f. For our state and our government.
g. For our nation.
h. For as many countries in No. So. and Central America as you can remember.
i. For the world especially suffering Christians and Ukraine.
3. Love. What are you facing right now that you are learning to somewhere between accept and love rather than resent and grow bitter about? How were you able to make that progress?
Family Time: Read Luke 18:1-8 with your kids. Get them a notebook, maybe even with their name engraved on it, and at breakfast or dinner or even once a week have them write one blessing of God and bring it to the table and share.

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