Hillside Missionary Church
7/10/22 Worship Gathering
Whether you’re a guest or a long-time attendee we’re glad you’re here with us. We’re a friendly and caring group of Christians who are here to help people be CONNECTED with Jesus, CHANGED by Jesus, and COMMITTED to the mission of Jesus. If you're new with us today, thank for joining us! We truly believe that you’re not here by accident and that God has some amazing plans for your life.
Locations & Times
  • 21567 Ireland Rd, South Bend, IN 46614, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM

Guest Information Card

If you’d like some information about who we are and how to get plugged in here at Hillside, please fill out the “I’m New” page on our website

In this first story in the book of Joshua, the Israelites are heading into a new season. Moses has died, and Joshua is put in charge of taking God’s people into the promised land. God commands Joshua 3 times to be strong and courageous. By taking a look at this portion of God’s Word, we can learn how to be strong and courageous in a culture that is dominated by fear:
1. Hold unto God’s promises
Joshua 1:2-5, Luke 24:2-7, Deut. 7:9, Rom. 8:28, 32, Phil. 4:19
2. Remember that God is always with you
Joshua 1:5, 9, Matt. 28:19-20, Is. 41:10, Deut. 31:6, Ps. 23:4, 1 Cor. 3:16
3. Abide by God’s Word
Joshua 1:7-8, 1 Pet. 4:11, 1 Cor. 10:6-11, 2 Tim. 3:16, Heb. 4:12
Reflection Questions:

1. In this portion of God’s Word, God instructs Joshua to be strong and courageous 3 times. When we become fearful, it often leads to us making poor decisions. When in your life, have you made a poor decision because of fear?
2. Read Joshua 1:2-5. Here, God reminds Joshua of His promise to the Israelites. By being reminded of God’s promises, Joshua can be less fearful, even in this potentially scary situation. How can you, the next time you are feeling fearful, remind yourself of God’s promises, and how could that change the way you act?
3. Read Joshua 1:5 and 9. Here, God reminds Joshua that He will always be with him. In what situations do you most need to be reminded that God is always with you?
4. Read Joshua 1:7-8. God commands Joshua to do all that His law has said to do, and not to turn from it. In your life, are you more prone to add to God’s Word, or to take away from it? In what specific areas do you tend to add or take away from God’s Word?
5. What is your biggest take away about how this passage affects your life? What do you need to work on? Who can you share this with and ask you to keep you accountable to accomplishing this?
Current Prayer Requests
CHURCH FAMILY NEEDS:Pray for Jerry Jamrozy, who has bone cancer. Pray for Sam, who is recovering. Pray for Patty and Calvin Ewing who recently lost their 8 year-old nephew.
MISSIONARIES: This month pray for the Bellas.
FAMILY OF THE WEEK: Each week we’ll pray for a different family in our church. This week pray for the Ewings.
HILLSIDE HAPPENINGS: Pray that the church would continue to stay unified under Christ. Pray for our livestream and for the people joining us there. Pray that God would use us to bring His Kingdom here. Pray for our children’s ministry as it is getting built back up.
Pray for Casa Del Alfarero, the Spanish-speaking Missionary Church 5 minutes from our building.
CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Pray for the war in Ukraine.
In-person on 7/3/22: 48
Online views (through 7/6/22): 11
Online (6/27/22-7/3/22): $155 for general
In-Person on 7/3/22: $784 for general
Total general needed weekly to meet budget: $1480
The Foster Closet
The foster closet is looking for a few volunteers that can spare two hours one Saturday a month for their open shop hours. This will be going on for the next 3 to 4 months. For more information, see April Rollf.
We believe that our faith grows best when we surround ourselves with other believers. That’s why we encourage everyone to be a part of one of our groups, where we can intentionally share our lives with one another. There is a Sunday School group meeting on Sunday mornings before Service at 9:30. Our small groups are also in the process of starting for the fall. If you would like to be a part of one, please reach out to Pastor Josh.
Email List
If you do not receive our weekly emails, announcements, and prayer requests, please join our email list! You can do so by going to hmcworship.com/im-new
Baby Sprinkle
There will be a baby sprinkle (a small baby shower) on July 16th for Tammi Fisher. Sign up at the welcome counter and see April Rollf with any questions.
Prairie Camp
If you would like more information about how to send your children to Prairie Camp this summer, please check out the brochure on the welcome counter, or visit prairiecamp.org. Family Camp is happening from July 17th-23rd.

Pray for the Ukraine

Our denomination, the Missionary Church, has set a prayer guide to pray for the Ukraine.


Ukraine Relief Project

Our denomination, the Missionary Church, has set a relief project fund for the Ukraine. The funds for this project will be used to provide crisis relief for those caught up in the turmoil in and near Ukraine.