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5 Triggers for Releasing Your Regret!
James Womack
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    4805 Arborlawn Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
1. The Work of Jesus
(He is our advocate) Jesus saved, presently saves, will continue to save!
2. The Faithfulness of Jesus
(He is faithful): Jesus is reliable!
3. The Righteousness of Jesus
(He is Just): Jesus is righteous! He is the epitome of perfection and uprightness.
4. The Forgiveness of Jesus
(He is forgiving): Jesus will release you of debt!
5. The Cleansing of Jesus
(He is purifying): Jesus will renew you!
6, The Mercy of Jesus
(He is our propitiation): Jesus replaces your unrighteousness!

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